Anand Varma, IB BA 2008, starts National Geographic WonderLab

Anand Varma

National Geographic Explorer and photographer Anand Varma (Integrative Biology BA 2008) "will use WonderLab, his new, cutting-edge storytelling studio in Berkeley, Ca. to document the lives of large and miniscule creatures revealing details that are missed with the naked eye." Read more on the National Geographic blog or at the DailyCal.

Hummingbirds are alcohol sippers, not bingers

Red headed hummingbird sipping nectar from flower
An Anna’s Hummingbird sipping from a California Fuchsia. (Photo credit: Víctor M. Ortega Jiménez)

A recent publication by Professor Robert Dudley of the Department of Integrative Biology in the journal Royal Society Open Science demonstrates that hummingbirds happily sip from sugar water with up to 1% alcohol by volume, finding it just as attractive as plain sugar water. They're not getting drunk though! Read more...