Declarations Close Friday

Friday, Dec. 6 is the last day to submit a declaration application for fall semester. If not submitted by 3pm, students must wait until the start of instruction in spring to declare the IB major.

Late Change Deadline Extended

L&S is extending the deadline to submit the Fall 2019 Late Change of Class Schedule petition to 4 pm Friday, December 13, 2019 (the last day of RRR week). We still recommend coming to talk to an advisor as soon as possible to help you with this decision.

Academic Progress Reports

IB is now using the Academic Progress Report (APR) in CalCentral to monitor your major requirements. If you notice an error in an IB requirement, submit our error report form and an IB advisor will contact you. If a university or college requirement is incorrect, use the L&S form [pdf] to report the error to a college advisor.