In support of the IB major, the Undergraduate Affairs Office (UAO) is part of the Biosciences Divisional Services in the L&S Biological Sciences Division and the Departments of Integrative Biology and Molecular & Cell Biology. Our services are guided by the following mission:

BDS Student Services Mission Statement
We partner with faculty, staff, and students to create an inclusive academic community that offers holistic advising and innovative services to support educational success. 

Advising support for IB undergraduates is provided by:

Undergraduate Staff Advisors:

Staff advisors are available year-round, Monday through Friday, to answer your questions. Click on an advisor's name to view their profile.

Zachary Chestnut
Jordan Elmowitz

See an Advisor

Students can see an advisor for drop-in or scheduled appointments, depending on the intended appointment subject. Refer to the table below to determine if you need to make an appointment.

Schedule an appointment for: Drop-in advising for:
Declaring a Single Major, Double Major, Simultaneous Degree Course Planning
Changing a Major Study Abroad
Probation/Dismissal Degree Check
Academic Difficulty Excess Units
SAP Appeal Research, Honors
Transfer Coursework Career Planning
Undeclared Senior Hold (discussion) Advising Holds
Withdrawal & Readmission Info about IB
Petitions & Appeals  

Schedule an Appointment

Current students can schedule an appointment via CalCentral. Appointments are only available 2 weeks in advance and up to 24 hours prior to the appointment time. If appointment times remain, same-day appointments can be scheduled on CalCentral at 9am. Note that same-day appointments are limited to 15 minutes.


Former and prospective UC Berkeley students, those without CalCentral access, should email or call the advising office to arrange an appointment.

Contact Information

Email is the best method of contact during the campus' remote learning period.

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are available to discuss the content of specific classes, help you to develop plans and answer general questions about being a student at Cal. They are available during the fall and spring semesters in 3060 VLSB.

More about Peer Advising and their availability

Faculty Advisors

IB students are assigned a faculty advisor during the declaration process. Developing a good student-advisor relationship benefits both parties. We also encourage you to meet and talk to other IB and Berkeley faculty, particularly those conducting research in an area that interests you.

  • Your advisor can assist with questions about coursework to fulfill requirements and career goals.
  • He/She can be a good mentor for your present and future goals.
  • Share your future goals with your Faculty Advisor, even if they might change, including what has inspired you to establish such goals.

Faculty advisors are available only during the semester. Some request that students sign up for appointments outside their offices at least 24 hours in advance; others are available for drop-in advising. See the table below for office hours, location, and preferred method of scheduling an appointment. Please note that the hours and availability are subject to change without notice.

Faculty Advising Office Hours for Spring 2020

Faculty advising update during remote learning period: Faculty advisors are still available. Please request either a virtual or phone meeting in your initial email.

Faculty Advisor

Office Location

Office Hours



Research Interest (links to lab webpages)

Prof. George Brooks

5101 VLSB

Fri. 8-10am


Exercise physiology and metabolism

Prof. Eileen Lacey

MVZ (3101 VLSB)

currently out


Behavioral ecology, population and evolutionary biology

Prof. Chris Martin MVZ (3101 VLSB) Fri. 2-4pm Email Evolution, ecology, and genomics of adaptive radiation in fishes
Prof. Brent Mishler 4164 VLSB by appointment Email Bryology, systematics and evolutionary biology

Prof. Kevin Padian

5099 VLSB

by appointment


Paleontology and evolutionary biology

Prof. Michael Shapira 5155 VLSB Mon. & Fri. 9-10 Email Host-pathogen interactions, innate immunity, aging, gut microbial communities
Prof. José Vásquez-Medina 5041 VLSB Mon. 8:30-10:30am Email Vertebrate physiology, redox biology

Prof. Tim White

5098 VLSB

email only


Human evolutionary studies


Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs)

Establish and maintain contact with your Graduate Student Instructor (GSI). GSIs can be supportive in helping students achieve immediate and long-range goals. GSIs can also be a valuable conduit to earning a research opportunity. Add them to your network of resources and information here at Cal.

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