Department News

Below are news items from various sources about members of Integrative Biology and their research.
Listing of news articles
Title Posted Date
IB Participating in Big Give 24 03/13/2024
Science Perspective: Amphibian hatchlings find mother’s milk 03/08/2024
Museums' vertebrate collections go online — in 3D 03/07/2024
Application Now Open: IB Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program 01/29/2024
Sparrows uniquely adapted to Bay Area marshes are losing their uniqueness 01/24/2024
Pacific kelp forests are far older than we thought 01/18/2024
Adventures of a Bone Hunter 01/05/2024
The Evolutionary Origins of Psychedelics 11/30/2023
Hummingbirds' unique sideways flutter gets them through small apertures 11/14/2023
Daniel Okamoto to Join IB Faculty 10/31/2023
Nature's poisons: Why we love them and abuse them 10/24/2023
Introducing Dr. Michal Shuldman 10/23/2023
Introducing Dr. Lúcia G. Lohmann 10/23/2023
Moisés Expósito Alonso to Join IB Faculty 10/02/2023
Anand Varma, IB BA 2008, starts National Geographic WonderLab 09/29/2023
Tseng Receives Tenure 09/21/2023
Job Opening: Emerging Zoonoses Assistant Professor 08/31/2023
Job Opening: Assistant Professor, Comparative Biomechanics 08/22/2023
Teaching Fundamentals of Evolution 06/27/2023
The Bay Area's Redwood Trees Are Struggling 06/27/2023
Why do mammals have a stiff lower jaw? 06/26/2023
Hummingbirds are alcohol sippers, not bingers 06/22/2023
In Memory: James Valentine, Emeritus Professor of Integrative Biology 05/12/2023
tyrone B. hayes elected to the National Academy of Sciences 05/03/2023
New Findings: Climate Change 04/28/2023
Congratulations, José Pablo Vázquez-Medina! 04/18/2023
Newts take the stage during annual mating ritual at UC Botanical Garden 04/05/2023
Beery Receives Tenure 03/29/2023
Losing track of (geologic) time at the UC Museum of Paleontology 03/10/2023
We met the challenge! Big Give March 9 03/07/2023