Daniel Okamoto to Join IB Faculty

Daniel Okamoto

Dr. Dan Okamoto (he/him/his) is an assistant professor of Global Change Biology in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley (starting in 2024) and in the Department of Biological Science at Florida State University (since 2018). He is a statistician, modeler, and field ecologist. He works on how trophic interactions, climate, and fishing combine to affect dynamics of populations and communities, especially species like sea urchins, kelp, abalone, and forage fish. He enjoys working with communities and environmental managers to make fisheries and conservation more sustainable, productive, and equitable. He received his PhD in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology from UCSB, a masters in Fisheries from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, a BSc from the University of Washington, and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Simon Fraser University, the Hakai Institute, and at Florida State University. In 2022, he was awarded a prestigious Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation. Learn more about Dr. Okamoto and his research at https://dkokamoto.com/.