Brooks Lab discovery: lactate rivals glucose as body's major fuel after a carb meal

George Brooks Lab
Integrative Biology graduate student Robert Leija and the whole Professor George Brooks Lab make a discovery. The study was part of a larger NIH-funded study to determine how well people switch from fat to carbohydrate metabolism as they age. Read the Berkeley News Article.

Application Now Open: IB Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program

Justice Williams and Stephen Eun Song
Justice Williams and Stephen Eun Song, 2023 IBSURE interns.

The IB Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (IB SURE) Program has now opened it's application. This program is for undergraduates or recent undergraduates who are considering a graduate degree in the biological sciences. Program runs from May 31 - Aug 9, 2024. Interested students should apply by April 1, 2024. See here for more information.


Sparrows uniquely adapted to Bay Area marshes are losing their uniqueness

Phred Benham
Phred Benham, a postdoc in the Bowie Lab.

A new genomic analysis of Savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis) from around the state — many of them collected as far back as 1889, their specimens stored in the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at the University of California, Berkeley — shows that over the past 128 years, the Bay Area's sparrow's adaptation to salt water is being diminished by interbreeding with inland sparrows adapted to fresh water. Read More...


Pacific kelp forests are far older than we thought

Bed of kelp in ocean

A new study by IB researchers (Professor Cindy Looy, PhD alum Rosemary Romero, and BA alum Tony Huynh) and collaborators shows that kelp flourished off the Northwest Coast more than 32 million years ago, long before the appearance of modern groups of marine mammals, sea urchins, birds and bivalves that today call the forests home.


Adventures of a Bone Hunter

Scientific American Lost Women in Science podcast cover
Credit: Keren Mevorach; copyright UC Museum of Paleontology

As part of the "Lost Women of Science" podcast, Scientific American just shared a new episode. This episode features Annie Alexander, the founder of Museum of Vertebrate Zoology and a major contributor to many of the natural history research collections at UC Berkeley. Katie Hafner and Carol Sutton Lewis visit the UC Berkeley collections (all closely tied to the Department of Integrative Biology) to learn more...