Beery Receives Tenure

Annaliese Beery with vole

Congratulations to Dr. Annaliese Beery on receiving tenure and her promotion to Associate Professor of Integrative Biology! The Beery Laboratory seeks to understand neurobiological pathways that support sociality (group-living) and affiliative social behavior between peers. To learn more, visit the Beery Lab Website.


We met the challenge! Big Give March 9


We're happy to report that we received over 20 gifts to the Graduate Student Support Fund during Big Give, and Rod and Helenita Spencer generously contributed an additional $3,000 for a Big Give Match! Thanks to everyone that helped us. Your generosity provides much needed support to our graduate students through opportunities to travel, work in labs, and conduct field research.


Climate change, urbanization drive major declines in L.A.’s birds

Lark Sparrow
The study, published in the journal Science Advances, presents the latest results from UC Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology's Grinnell Resurvey Project, an effort to revisit and document birds and small mammals at sites first surveyed a century ago by UC Berkeley professor Joseph Grinnell.


Speciesism in Biology and Culture: How Human Exceptionalism is Pushing Planetary Boundaries

Former IB postdoc Brian Swartz and IB professor Brent Mishler, present their new book entitled Speciesism in Biology and Culture: How Human Exceptionalism is Pushing Planetary Boundaries.  It includes 9 chapters containing wide-ranging discussions about the sociopolitical, cultural, and scientific ramifications of speciesism and world views that derive from it, integrating natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.