Graduate Student Researcher (GSR)

GSRs can vary in percentage, but if they are a student's major source of funding in the Fall or Spring, they are typically 50% and an offer letter and duties sheet needs to be provided to the student. These positions are usually supported by money from a professor's grant, and the hours worked each day may be somewhat more flexible than those of Graduate Student Instructors. Students should work to understand the expectations of GSR positions with the supervisor for the position (most often their faculty mentor) by carefully reading the provided GSR duties sheet and following up with the supervisor for clarification, if needed.

Fee Remission
During the Fall and Spring, for GSR positions over 25% in the department, there is a full fee remission.

% Appts: Limits During Fall and Spring
Graduate Division requires special exception from the department for any student that is holding the equivalent of over a 50% position in the Fall or Spring. This could be for a single position, or multiple positions added together. So for example, if a student holds a 50% TA, and would like to pursue a reader position in addition to that in the Fall or Spring, they must seek exceptional approval from the department (please contact Monica Albe, the Graduate Program Manager, for more information). If a student is requesting to hold above a 75% position in the Fall or Spring, they must work with the department to seek special exception from the Dean of Graduation Division -- these require a strong argument why this would be necessary and assurances from the department that this will not disrupt the student's ability to focus on their research commitments. Students should be aware that before the department approves the required exception paperwork for students to hold more than 50% positions in Fall or Spring, we will be checking in with the student's faculty mentor. 

Please see the Graduate Student Appointment Handbook for more information about campus policies