Enrichment Courses

The courses listed here DO NOT satisfy IB major requirements.
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  • Check the General Catalog for prerequisites or course restrictions.
  • This is not a comprehensive list. Individual departments are continually creating new courses, deleting, or revising courses.


Course Listings


  • ​101, Human Variation in an Evolutionary Perspective
  • 105, Primate Evolution​
  • 106, Primate Behavior
  • 111, Evolution of Human Behavior
  • 112, Special Topics in Biological Anthropology
  • 115, Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  • 119, Topics in Medical Anthropology


  • ​121/L, Introduction to Micro and Nanabiotechnology: BioMEMS / Lab
  • ​C125, Introduction to Robotics (also listed as EE C125)
  • ​C141, Statistics for Bioinformatics
  • C146, Topics in Computational Biology and Genomics (also listed as PMB C146, MCB C146)
  • Cc153, Principles of Bioengineering
  • 164, Optics & Microscopy


  • 112A/B, Organic Chemistry
  • 120A/B, Physical Chemistry
  • 130A/B, Biophysical Chemistry

Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) (formerly Geology)

  • C100,Communicating Ocean Science
  • 103, Introduction to Marine Geochemistry
  • 117, Geomorphology
  • C120, Analysis of Environmental Data (also listed as ERG c130)
  • C129 Biometeorology (also listed as ESPM c129)
  • C141, Paleoclimatology
  • C146, Geological Oceanography (also listed as Geog c145)
  • 185, Marine Geobiology


If you are interested in pursuing a teaching credential or considering a minor in education, check with the Graduate School of Education, 1501 Tolman, for more information.

  • c193A/B, Environmental Education (also listed as ESPM c193A/B)
  • 197, Field Studies in Public Schools and Related Activities
    (this is not considered an enrichment course to satisfy your science units)

Environmental Science, Policy and Management (ESPM)

This program encompasses courses in Conservation and Resource Studies, Insect Biology, and Forestry.

  • 105A, Conservation Biology
  • 105C, Genetic Diversity and Conservation
  • 106, American Wildlife: Indentification & Conservation
  • 110, Primate Ecology
  • 113, Insect Ecology
  • 115B, Biology of Aquatic Insects
  • 116A, Forest Ecology
  • 116C, Tropical Forest Ecology
  • 119, Chemical Ecology
  • c128, Environmental aqueous Geochemistry (also listed as Ceng. c116)
  • c129, Biometerology (also listed as EPS c129)
  • c138, Comparative Virology (also listed as MCB c114 and cPB 114)
  • 140, General Entomology
  • 146/146L, Medical/Veterinary Entomology
  • c159, Human diet (also listed as NS c159)
  • 162, Bioethics
  • 167, Environmental Health and Development


  • ​C141, Paleoclimaatology (also listed as EPS C141)
  • C145, Geological Oceanography (also listed as EPS C146)


See list under Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS)

Health and Medical Sciences (HMS)

  • C133 Death, Dying and Modern Medicine (also listed as History C191, and Interdiciplinary Studies C133)
  • 150, Introduction to Aging Issues
  • 197, Field Study in Health and Medical Science


  • 180, History of Biology
  • C191, Death, Dying and Modern Medicine (also listed as HMS C133 and Interdisciplinary Studies, C133)

Integrative Biology (IB) - None of these courses satisfy major requirements.

  • 131A, Applied Anatomy

Interdepartmental Studies (IDS)

  • 110, Introduction to Computers
  • 114A/B, Advances in Aging: Alzheimer's Disease
  • 130, Social/Political/Ethical Issues of Health and Medicine

Molecular & Cell Biology

Please check the General Catalog for MCB course offerings. Review any particular course with your faculty advisor for final approval.

Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology

  • 103, Nutrient Function and Metabolism
  • 104, Human Food Practices
  • C112, Introduction to Pharmacology/Toxicology (also listed as PH C172)
  • 114, Food Toxicology
  • 119, Food Microbiology
  • 150, Mechanisms of Metabolic Regulation
  • c159, Human diet (also listed as ESPM c159)
  • 160, Human Nutrition
  • 161/L, Medical Nutrition Therapy/lab

Plant and Microbial Biology

  • C103, Bacterial Pathogenesis
  • 113, California Mushroom
  • C114, Introduction to Comparative Virology (same as MCB C114, ESPM C138)
  • 120/120L, Biology of Algae
  • C134, Chromosome Biology/Cytogenetics
  • 135/135L, Physiology and Biochemistry of Plants
  • C146, Genomics (also listed as MCB C145)
  • C148, Microbial Genomics & Genetics (also listed as MCB C148)
  • 150/150L, Plant Cell Biology
  • 160/160L, Plant Molecular Genetics
  • 180, Environmental Plant Biology


  • 115A, Introduction to Comparative Psychology
  • 117, Biopsychology and Problems of Human Dysfunctions
  • 119, Drugs and Behavior
  • 121, Animal Cognition
  • c127, Cognitive Neuroscience
  • 140, Developmental Psychology
  • 146, Developmental & Biological Processes in Attachment

Public Health

  • 115, Controversies in Biomedical Ethics
  • 143, Introduction to Statistical Methods in Computational & Genomic Biology
  • 150A, Introduction to Epidemiology
  • 150B, Introduction to Environmental Health
  • 150C, Introduction to Public Health Biology
  • 171C, Toxicology II
  • 172, Introduction to Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • 180, Topics in Human Sexuality
  • 183, History of Medicine, Public Health, & Allied Health Sciences


  • 131A, Field Study in Public Health
  • c141, Statistics for Bioinformatics (also listed as BioE c141)