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Course #TitleSyllabusDivUnitsSemesterFrequencyReq GroupLab/Field
Bio 1BGeneral Biology  PDFLD4Fa, Sp, SuAnnualNoneNone
IB 101Introduction to Scientific Writing  PDFUD4SpAnnualNoneNone
IB 102LFIntroduction to California Plant Life with Laboratory  PDFUD4SpEvenBField Lab
IB 103LFInvertebrate Zoology with Laboratory *  PDFUD5FaOddBField Lab
IB 104LFNatural History of the Vertebrates with Laboratory  PDFUD5SpAnnualBField Lab
IB 108Marine Biology  PDFUD4SuAnnualBNone
IB 11California Natural History  PDFLD3FaEvenNoneNone
IB 112Horticultural Methods in the Botanical Garden  PDFUD1Fa, SpAnnualNoneNone
IB 113LPaleobiological Perspectives on Ecology and Evolution  PDFUD4SpAnnualBLab
IB 114Infectious Disease Dynamics  PDFUD4SpAnnualB, CNone
IB 116LMedical Parasitology  PDFUD4SuAnnual CLab
IB 117Medical Ethnobotany  PDFUD2FaAnnual CNone
IB 117LFMedical Ethnobotany Laboratory  PDFUD2FaAnnual NoneField Lab
IB 118Host-Microbe Interactions  PDFUD4FaAnnual B, CNone
IB 120Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Biology  PDFUD4SpAnnualElective OnlyNone
IB 123ALExercise and Environmental Physiology with Laboratory  PDFUD5FaAnnual CLab
IB 128Sports Medicine  PDFUD3SuAnnual CNone
IB 130LComparative Vertebrate Anatomy & Functional Morphology *  PDFUD4SuAnnualCLab
IB 131General Human Anatomy  PDFUD3Fa, SuAnnual CNone
IB 131LGeneral Human Anatomy Laboratory  PDFUD2Fa, SuAnnual NoneLab
IB 132Survey of Human Physiology  PDFUD4SpAnnual CNone
IB 132LMammalian Physiology Laboratory  PDFUD2SpAnnual NoneLab
IB 137Human Endocrinology  PDFUD4FaAnnual CNone
IB 138Comparative Endocrinology  PDFUD4SpAnnual CNone
IB 139The Neurobiology of Stress  PDFUD4FaAnnual CNone
IB 140Biology of Human Reproduction  PDFUD4SpAnnual CNone
IB 141Human Genetics  PDFUD3Su Annual ANone
IB 146LFBehavioral Ecology with Laboratory  PDFUD5SpOddBField Lab
IB 148Comparative Animal Physiology  PDFUD3FaEvenCNone
IB 150Evolutionary Environmental Physiology  PDFUD3SpAnnual CNone
IB 151Plant Physiological Ecology  PDFUD4SpEvenB, CNone
IB 151LPlant Physiological Ecology Laboratory  PDFUD2SpEvenNoneLab
IB 153Ecology  PDFUD3FaAnnualBNone
IB 154Plant Ecology *  PDFUD3FaOddBNone
IB 154LPlant Ecology Laboratory *  PDFUD2FaOddNoneLab
IB 157LFEcosystems of California  PDFUD4FaAnnualBField Lab
IB 158LFBiology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands  PDFUD13FaAnnualBField Lab
IB 159The Living Planet: Impact of the Biosphere on the Earth System  PDFUD3FaOddBNone
IB 160Evolution  PDFUD4FaAnnualANone
IB 161Population and Evolutionary Genetics  PDFUD4SpOddANone
IB 162Ecological Genetics * UD4SpEvenA, BNone
IB 164Human Genetics and Genomics  PDFUD4FaAnnualANone
IB 167Evolution and Earth History: From Genes to Fossils *  PDFUD4SpEvenA, BNone
IB 168LSystematics of Vascular Plants with Laboratory  PDFUD4SpOddBLab
IB 169Evolutionary Medicine  PDFUD4SpAnnualANone
IB 170LFMethods in Population and Community Ecology  PDFUD3SpOddBField Lab
IB 172Coevolution: From Genes to Ecosystems  PDFUD4SpAnnualANone
IB 173LFMammalogy with Laboratory  PDFUD5FaEvenBField Lab
IB 174LFOrnithology with Laboratory  PDFUD4SpOddBField Lab
IB 175LFHerpetology with Laboratory  PDFUD4SpEvenBField Lab
IB 181LPaleobotany - The 500-Million Year History of a Greening Planet  PDFUD4SpEvenBLab
IB 184LMorphology of the Vertebrate Skeleton with Laboratory *  PDFUD4FaOddCLab
IB 206Statistical Phylogenetics GD3FaEven
IB 223Seminar in Bioenergetics and Metabolism GD2FaEven
IB 230Marine Science Review GD1
IB 232Seminar in Biomechanics  PDFGD2
IB 234Seminar on Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles GD1
IB 250Seminar in Ecology GD2
IB 251Ecological Research Reviews GD1NoneNone
IB 264Seminar in Evolutionary Biology of the Vertebrates GD1
IB 265Advanced Studies in Hominid Paleobiology GD2
IB 283Seminar in Vertebrate Evolution and Paleontology GD1
IB 286Seminars in Paleontology GD2
IB 31The Ecology and Evolution of Animal Behavior  PDFLD3SuTBDNoneNone
IB 35ACHuman Biological Variation  PDFLD4Fa, SuAnnualNoneNone
IB 375Teaching Colloquium: Graduate Student Instructor Training  PDFGD2FaAnnual
IB 400Training in Stable Isotope Methods and Mass Spectrometry  PDFGD1
IB 41Marine Mammals *  PDFLD2Fa, SuOddNoneNone
IB 77AIntegrative Human Biology  PDFLD1Fa AnnualNoneNone
IB 77BIntegrative Human Biology  PDFLD1SpAnnualNoneNone
IB C100Communicating Ocean Science *  PDFUD4SpEvenNoneNone
IB C105Natural History Museums and Biodiversity Science  PDFUD3FaAnnualElective OnlyNone
IB C109Evolution and Ecology of Development  PDFUD3FaEvenElective OnlyNone
IB C110LBiology of Fungi with Laboratory *  PDFUD4FaEvenBLab
IB C129LHuman Physiological Assessment  PDFUD3SpAnnual CLab
IB C13Origins: from the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans LD4Fa EvenNoneNone
IB C142LIntroduction to Human Osteology *  PDFUD6SpOddCLab
IB C143ABiological Clocks: Physiology and Behavior  PDFUD3FaEvenCNone
IB C143BHormones and Behavior *  PDFUD3SpAnnual CNone
IB C144Animal Behavior  PDFUD4FaAnnual BNone
IB C145Animal Communication  UD3SpBNone
IB C156Principles of Conservation Biology  PDFUD4Fa, SuAnnualBNone
IB C166Biogeography  PDFUD4FaAnnualElective OnlyNone
IB C171Freshwater Ecology  PDFUD3SpAnnualBNone
IB C176LFish Ecology  PDFUD3SpAnnualBLab
IB C185LHuman Paleontology  PDFUD5SpEvenBLab
IB C200Principles of Phylogenetics  PDFGD4SpEven
IB C204Research Reviews in Animal Behavior: Behavior Review GD1
IB C226Isotopics GD2FaAnnual
IB C227Stable Isotope Ecology GD5SpOdd
IB C32Bioinspired Design  PDFLD3Sp AnnualNoneNone
IB C407Introduction to Scientific Diving GD3SpAnnual
IB C82Oceans  PDFLD3Fa AnnualNoneNone
IB C96Studying the Biological Sciences LD1FaAnnualNoneNone
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