Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Award, IB Professor Charles Marshall and graduate student Kat Magoulick


Training our students to be college or university professors dedicated to excellence in teaching as well as research is a primary goal of Integrative Biology's program. The IB PhD program requires at least two semesters of holding a UC Berkeley GSI position. Most students teach more than two semesters since it is the most available means of support offered by the department. The Graduate Student Instructor Teaching & Resource Center is a critical resource as students pursue their teaching interests at Berkeley.



Teaching appointments are 50% five-month appointments assigned each semester. If a student is on a fellowship he/she is generally allowed to teach 50% in one term or 25% in each term (although students should review their fellowship criteria and rules). For more information about GSI appointments, please see this page for IB graduate student instructors (and our GSI application). 


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