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Below are news items from various sources about members of Integrative Biology and their research.
Listing of news articles
Title Posted Date
These Butterflies Evolved to Eat Poison. How Could That Have Happened? 10/03/2019
Read the Fall 2019 IB Insight newsletter 11/21/2019
Drugs that quell brain inflammation reverse dementia 12/06/2019
How do you cultivate a healthy plant microbiome? 12/06/2019
David Wake takes part in The University of California Berkeley Emeriti Association's (UCBEA) Legacy Project 02/07/2020
In Earth’s largest extinction, land die-offs began long before ocean turnover 03/30/2020
As COVID-19 hits Peru, a brave Berkeley Ph.D. student finds her way home 04/08/2020
What do soap bubbles and butterflies have in common? 04/10/2020
Congratulations to Julianne Peláez for being selected as a recipient of the 2020-2021 STEM Chateaubriand Fellowship! 05/04/2020
To climb like a gecko, robots need toes! 05/14/2020
Read the Spring 2020 IB Insight newsletter 05/20/2020
Congratulations to IB's Class of 2020! 05/27/2020
Congratulations to Caroline Williams on receiving tenure and her promotion to Associate Professor of Integrative Biology. 05/29/2020
Congratulations to UCMP's Director of Education and Outreach, Dr. Lisa White the newly appointed Chair of the AGU s (American Geophysical Union) Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. 06/03/2020
In Memoriam: Stephen Glickman, father of world’s only captive hyena colony 06/12/2020
Meet our recent IB PhD graduates! 06/24/2020
Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grant awardees announced 06/26/2020
Congratulations to Britt Koskella on your Promotion to Associate Professor 07/20/2020
Desert mosses use quartz rocks as sun shades 08/10/2020
Welcome to Berkeley, IB Entering Class of 2020! 08/18/2020
Is English the lingua franca of science? Not for everyone. 10/14/2020
IB participates in UC Berkeley Graduate Diversity Admissions Fair 10/22/2020
Bat virus expert Cara Brook named L’Oréal For Women in Science fellow! 11/17/2020
Check out the Fall 2020 Insight Newsletter! 11/20/2020
William Clemens, expert on fossil mammals, dies at 88 12/03/2020
Congratulations to Noah Whiteman for Being Elected to the Genetics Society of America’s Board of Directors! 01/11/2021
Congratulations to The Biology Scholars Program! 02/11/2021
How Do Bees Get Sick? 03/03/2021
Marian Diamond Day 03/12/2021
Upcoming Public Talk: Origins of Life 03/18/2021