Information on Campus Shared Services

Starting on Thursday, April 18, Campus Shared Services (CSS) began providing the Department of Integrative Biology administrative support for Purchasing (including Travel and Entertainment and other reimbursements), Business Contracts, Staff HR, non-Senate, non-teaching  Academic Personnel, Information Technology (for administrative staff only initially), and Research Administration needs. Read More

Grad Student Profile - Lindsey Dougherty

Lindsey Diving

Growing up in land-locked Colorado, my childhood experiences involved more snowmen than sand-castles. Although my interactions with the ocean were limited, my fascination with the marine world grew exponentially with every exposure. After becoming SCUBA certified at the age of 15, diving became an integral part of my life, leading me to become an instructor in Zanzibar, Tanzania. After living in Africa and Australia, I conducted research on artificial coral reef systems in Indonesia, assessing the relationship between structural characteristics and diversity.

Faculty Recruitment - Ecology And Evolution Of Infectious Diseases

The Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, is soliciting applications for a tenure track position (Assistant Professor) in ecology and evolution of infectious diseases, including host-parasite interactions. A PhD is required by the date of hire. We are searching broadly, without regard to taxon or system and will consider exceptional individuals who study animal, plant, or microbial systems, including parasites that affect human health. Of special interest is research that integrates empirical studies with theory.

Faculty Recruitment - Animal Physiology

The Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley is embarking on a broad search for a scientist to fill a tenure-track position (assistant professor) in Animal Physiology. A PhD is required by the date of hire. We are interested in applicants who study physiology in any animal, from invertebrates to humans. We seek a colleague to join a department with a strong multidisciplinary emphasis, and to complement and bridge strongly represented fields such as Human Health Sciences, Ecology, Comparative Biomechanics, Endocrinology, and Evolutionary Biology.