Department News

Below are news items from various sources about members of Integrative Biology and their research.
Fossils Help Identify Marine Life That May be at High Risk of Extinction Today 05/01/2015
Dudley Featured on KQED Science 04/02/2015
Student Has Fun Exploring Disco Clam’s Underwater World 03/30/2015
Herbicide Impacts Focus of BGSU Talk 03/23/2015
UC Berkeley in "Elite Six" 03/20/2015
Slatkin Selected to Present Martin Meyerson Faculty Research Lecture 03/19/2015
Conifers' Helicoptering Seeds are the Result of a Long Evolutionary Experiment 03/17/2015
A Preview of Dodging Extinction 03/06/2015
Los Gatos: Climb Up an 850-Year-Old Redwood Tree 02/23/2015
The Food that Grows from Concrete 02/18/2015
Berkeley, the National Park Service and the Vital Role of Science in the Parks 02/12/2015
Tyrone Hayes’ Tale of Atrazine, Frogs and Syngenta 01/29/2015
Kaufer and Bentley Research on Infertility 01/14/2015
Patel Featured on KQED Science 12/18/2014
Barnosky Book About Extinction 12/01/2014
M. Wake Receives Henry S. Fitch Award 09/02/2014
Faculty Recruitment 08/21/2014
IB Grad Student in the News 08/20/2014
Phylogenetic Diversity and Endemism Revealed 07/21/2014
Slatkin Elected to National Academy of Sciences 04/29/2014
The Graduates Radio Show 04/25/2014
IB Grad Student Research on the Cover 04/11/2014
Kaufer Profile for Bakar Fellows 03/07/2014
New Book by Dudley on Alcohol 02/28/2014
Patel Lab Research Featured at Lawrence Hall of Science 02/19/2014
Kaufer Research on Stress 02/18/2014
Profile of IB157 02/03/2014
Eel River CZO Receives NSF Funding 01/15/2014
Nielson Y Chromosome Research in Spotlight 01/13/2014
Barnosky warns of climate change "tipping points" 12/06/2013