Integrative Biology C153 Ecology

Description: Ecology is a scientific discipline that focuses on the interactions between organisms and their environment. This class will provide an overview of core concepts and applications, and will also provide practice with writing, small-group work, critical thinking, and data analysis. The class will specifically cover principles of population ecology, illustrated with examples from marine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats. It will consider the roles of physical and biological processes in structuring natural communities. Observational, experimental, and theoretical approaches will be discussed. Topics will include quantitative approaches relying on algebra, visual analysis of graphs, and elementary calculus.
Prerequisites: Biology 1B or consent of instructor.
Credit Restriction: Students will receive no credit for INTEGBI C153 after completing ESPM 153, or INTEGBI C153. A deficient grade in INTEGBI C153 may be removed by taking ESPM 153, or INTEGBI C153.
Expected Enrollment: 100