The following is an alphabetical list of Integrative Biology faculty members and brief descriptions of their research. Click on a faculty member's name to see a complete description of their research (if available).

Emeriti and Professors of the Graduate School


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David Ackerly - Dean of Rausser College of Natural Resources and Professor
Plant ecology and evolution

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Doris Bachtrog - Professor
Evolution of sex and recombination, Y degeneration, dosage compensation, sexually antagonistic variation

Bruce Baldwin - Professor
Systematics and evolution of vascular plants

Annaliese Beery - Associate Professor
Social behavior, neuroendocrinology, physiology and behavior

George E. Bentley - Professor
Avian reproductive biology, neuroendocrinology and behavior

Benjamin Blackman - Associate Professor
Evolution, ecology, and genomics of plant development

Mike Boots - Professor
Infectious disease ecology and evolution; wildlife and tropical human disease

Rauri C.K. Bowie - Professor
Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Ecology, Conservation Genetics and Ornithology

George A. Brooks - Professor
Exercise physiology and metabolism

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Thomas J. Carlson - Teaching Professor
Ethnobotany, ecology and evolution of human disease and medicine

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Todd E. Dawson - Professor
Physiological plant ecology, stable isotope biogeochemistry

Robert Dudley - Professor
Biomechanics and comparative physiology

Ivo Duijnstee - Assistant Adjunct Professor
Geobiology and marine micropaleontology

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Michael B. Eisen - Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator and Professor of Genetics, Genomics, Evolution, and Development

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Paul V.A. Fine - Professor
Plant ecology, plant evolutionary biology, speciation, floristics and phytogeography

Seth Finnegan - Associate Professor
Marine Invertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoecology

Robert J. Full - Professor
Comparative biomechanics, physiology, and functional morphology

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Tyrone B. Hayes - Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Professor
Developmental endocrinology

Leslea Hlusko - Professor
Mammalian evolutionary biology

John Huelsenbeck - Professor
Evolutionary biology, phylogenetics theory, evolutionary genetics

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Daniela Kaufer - Acting Associate Dean and Professor
Molecular Neuroscience and Stem Cell Biology: Plasticity in the Adult Brain

Britt Koskella - Associate Professor
Disease Ecology and Evolution, Bacteria-phage interactions, Coevolution between hosts and pathogens

Lance Kriegsfeld - Professor

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Eileen A. Lacey - Department Co-Chair and Professor
Behavioral ecology, population and evolutionary biology

Juan Liu - Assistant Adjunct Professor
Vertebrate paleontology, ichthyology, auditory system of vertebrates

Cindy Looy - Professor
Paleobotany, palynology and paleoecology

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Charles Marshall - Professor

Christopher Martin - Associate Professor
Evolution, ecology, and genomics of adaptive radiation in fishes

Jimmy A. McGuire - Professor
Vertebrate systematics/evolutionary biology

Brent D. Mishler - Professor
Bryology, systematics and evolutionary biology

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Michael Nachman - Professor
Evolutionary genetics and genomics

Rasmus Nielsen - Professor
Evolutionary Genomics

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Onja Razafindratsima - Assistant Professor
Tropical ecology, Plant-frugivore interactions, community ecology, conservation biology, primatology

Carl Rothfels - Assistant Adjunct Professor
Plant phylogenetics, polyploidy, fern evolution

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Michael Shapira - Associate Professor
Host-pathogen interactions, innate immunity, aging, gut microbial communities

Jonathon Stillman - Adjunct Professor
Marine Environmental Physiology

Peter Sudmant - Assistant Professor (Affiliated)
Evolutionary and Functional Genomics

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Rebecca Tarvin - Assistant Professor
Evolutionary biology, genomics, chemical and molecular ecology

Frederic Theunissen - Professor
Animal Communication, Neuroethology

Jack Tseng - Assistant Professor
Vertebrate paleontology, functional morphology, and comparative biomechanics.

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José Pablo Vázquez-Medina - Assistant Professor
Vertebrate Physiology, Redox Biology

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Noah Whiteman - Professor
We study the genetic basis of biotic interactions, the evolution of immune systems and toxin evolution-resistance mechanisms

Caroline Williams - Associate Professor
Evolutionary physiology

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Emeriti and Professors of the Graduate School

Anthony D. Barnosky - Professor Emeritus
Mammalian paleobiology

Roy L. Caldwell - Professor of the Graduate School
Invertebrate behavioral biology and ecology

Carole S. Hickman - Professor of the Graduate School
Evolutionary paleobiology, morphology and systematics

Patrick Kirch - Professor Emeritus

Mimi R. Koehl - Professor of the Graduate School
Invertebrate functional morphology and biomechanics

Steven Lehman - Professor Emeritus
Motor control

Paul Licht - Professor Emeritus
Director of the UC Botanical Garden

David R. Lindberg - Professor Emeritus
Evolutionary biology and ecology

Jere H. Lipps - Professor of the Graduate School
Paleontology of marine environments

Charles S Nicoll - Professor Emeritus

Kevin Padian - Professor Emeritus
Paleontology and evolutionary biology

James L. Patton - Professor Emeritus
Mammalogy and evolutionary biology

Thomas (Zack) Powell - Professor Emeritus
Oceanography, aquatic ecology

Mary E. Power - Professor of the Graduate School
Freshwater ecology, food webs

Thelma E Rowell - Professor Emeritus

Ellen L. Simms - Professor Emeritus
Plant ecology and evolution

Montgomery Slatkin - Professor Emeritus
Evolutionary theory

Wayne P Sousa - Professor of the Graduate School
Population and community ecology

Glenys J. Thomson - Professor Emerita
Human and population genetics and evolution

Marvalee H. Wake - Professor of the Graduate School
Vertebrate evolutionary morphology and reproductive biology

Donald P. Weston - Adjunct Professor Emeritus
Invertebrate ecology and ecotoxicology

Tim D. White - Professor Emeritus
Human evolutionary studies

Irving Zucker - Professor Emeritus
Biological rhythms, hibernation. and behavioral endocrinology

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