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Students planning to enter graduate study in integrative biology are expected to have the equivalent of a major in a biological science, although students with other appropriate backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Integrative Biology admits students to the Ph.D. program only. Occasionally a student's academic goal changes and they may petition for a master's degree.

The program for the Ph.D. varies considerably, according to the background and interests of individual students. All candidates for the Ph.D. must pass an oral qualifying examination. The crucial part of the Ph.D. program is the dissertation, based upon original research in which the candidate demonstrates the ability to conduct independent study and to incorporate the results in a thesis.

One year of experience as a graduate student instructor, an advanced evolution course, a seminar on teaching pedagogy are required as part of the Ph.D. program in integrative biology.

For questions and inquiries, please contact the Graduate Affairs Office.

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