• An advanced course in evolutionary biology is the only specific course required of all graduate students. It must be taken for a letter grade during the graduate program if it was not completed during the student's undergraduate education. A student's supervisory committee may suggest courses as well.
  • Annual Committee Meetings. Students are required to meet with their relevant committee each year by the stated deadline. Please review specific requirements and deadlines on the Timeline page. 
  • Four semesters of residency as required by the Graduate Division. This means you must be registered for a minimum of 4 semesters. There are no departmental unit requirements for the Ph.D. program.
  • Students are required to be a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) for at least two semesters and must complete IB 375, the Teaching Colloquium.
  • A student in the Ph.D. program must take a three hour oral Qualifying Examination (QE) on fields specified by their QE Committee.  Evolution is required to be one of the four Qualifying Exam subject areas.
  • Ph.D. candidates are required to write a dissertation based on original and independent research carried out by the student.
  • You are encouraged (but not required) to enroll in seminars in your field of specialization and present topics. Effective participation in seminars is a useful introduction to your field of specialization and may give you valuable direction for advanced study, particularly if you have not begun research activities.
  • Here is a current list of PhD requirements for the Integrative Biology Graduate Program

Graduate Division Requirements, which include

  • Withdrawal
  • Minimum Units
  • Changing Committee Members
  • Letter Grades and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grades
  • Application for Use of Filing Fee
  • Change of Address