Climbing trees is every kid's right of passage, but climbing a 200-foot coastal redwood tree is something else altogether. Yet that's exactly what master tree climbing instructor Tim Kovar and redwood biologist Cameron Williams with the Department of Integrative Biology at UC-Berkeley, will be doing in late March.


Imagine eating at your favorite restaurant and being told that the salad on your plate was harvested from the cracks in the sidewalk in West Oakland. Would you eat it? Two professors from UC Berkeley think you should. Their project is called Berkeley Open Source Food.

 “Science for the Parks, the Parks for Science: The Next Century,” a new video collaboration by UC Berkeley and the National Park Service, which takes viewers along with scientists taking the measure of changes in Yosemite. 

UC Berkeley was a key player in decisions made during the founding of Yosemite, and, along with influential alumni, drove the effort to establish the National Park Service. The video was made as part of the NPS’s celebration of its centennial this year, which focuses science in the parks.