Research by Professor Brent Mishler and IB graduate student Caleb Caswell-Levy on ‘Resurrection Plants’,  desiccation-tolerant mosses and their associated rotifers which can survive long dry spells and spring back to life when exposed to water, is the focus of a video and story on KQED public television.

Published today in the journal Bioscience, the report outlines how illegal marijuana production is hitting California where it hurts, such as in sensitive watersheds already stressed by the state’s ongoing drought. Networks of pipes and hoses siphon water directly from small streams to irrigate the crops, draining what little water there is for wildlife and plants.

Dubbed “veloci-roach,” the crawling device uses sensors and locomotion like many other bio-inspired devices.

But this one flips on its side to shimmy through spaces that would normally prove too small, according to Chen Li, postdoctoral researcher in the UC Berkeley department of integrative biology, and electrical engineering and computer science.