Instructional Support provides support for courses offered by the Department of Integrative Biology. Staff assists with planning, course development, purchases, equipment setup, and maintenance.


Instructional Support StaffInstructional Support Manager: Tami Mau

Bio1B Instruction Staff:
Brett Boltz, Joshua PovichJules Winters

IB Instructional Support staff:
Kayla Sweeten

Course Resources

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Multimedia Equipment  
  • portable LCD projector
  • Dell laptop computer
  • digital camera
  • digital videocamera with wireless microphone and transmitter
  • DVD player with monitor
  • VCR and TV monitor
  • 35-mm slide projector
  • overhead projector
  • slide scanner

Kayla Sweeten

Room Reservations for Valley Life Sciences Building 
Room Requests must be submitted 3 days in advance of the event.

Second Floor Lecture Rooms (These are scheduled through Central Classroom Scheduling)

2040 VLSB, 2050 VLSB, 2060 VLSB

Seminar Rooms (These are scheduled through

View photos of seminar rooms.

2063 VLSB, 3053 VLSB, 4110 VLSB, 5053 VLSB, 5192 VLSB

Third Floor Teaching & Computer Rooms

See IB Teaching Labs page for photos and room information

Kayla Sweeten
Teaching Resources  

Bio 1B support

Joshua Povich/Brett Boltz

Botanical models/specimens

Kayla Sweeten

Other (non-botanical) models/specimens

Kayla Sweeten/Tami Mau

Plant collecting for classes

Kayla Sweeten

Photocopy requests (instructional only), printing lab manuals and readers

Kayla Sweeten/Tami Mau

Exam scoring and reports (IB does not use Scantron anymore. Please contact IB Instructional Support before you give an exam for an alternative (better) system.

Kayla Sweeten

Additional assistance regarding teaching your IB class

Kayla Sweeten/Tami Mau

Webpage Assistance & Development for Courses


Bio 1B

Brett Boltz

Courses other than Bio 1B

Kayla Sweeten/Tami Mau