Below are news items from various sources about members of Integrative Biology and their research.
Speciesism in Biology and Culture: How Human Exceptionalism is Pushing Planetary Boundaries 12/21/2022
Grad Ambassadors Program: Interactive Workshops & Info Sessions 09/29/2022
Exploring Life at All Levels: Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley 09/27/2022
Peter H Sudmant Joins the 2022 Vallee Scholars! 09/19/2022
Two New Job Postings for IB! 09/08/2022
Congratulations to all our recent graduates! 09/07/2022
inclusiveBio Symposium 08/26/2022
Machine translation could make English-only science accessible to all 08/16/2022
Un Vistazo al Laboratorio! 08/03/2022
IB Spring Newsletter 2022 07/01/2022
Congratulations to IB Professor Rasmus Nielsen, who has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.  05/13/2022
Congratulations to Carl J. Rothfels, one of this years recipients of the Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Award 04/11/2022
Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) 03/01/2022
Some birds sing the same song for hundreds of thousands of years 02/14/2022
Losing amphibian diversity also means losing poison diversity 02/04/2022
Congratulations to Mike Boots on being elected a AAAS fellow! 01/30/2022
Congratulations to Britt Koskella on being named one of this years new CZ Biohub Investigators! 01/12/2022
Some birds sing the same song for hundreds of thousands of years 01/12/2022
What it takes to eat a poisonous butterfly 11/22/2021
Who are we? Highlighting Nuances in Asian American Experiences in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 11/12/2021
Learn more about graduate study at UC Berkeley 09/29/2021
Captured in flight 09/17/2021
The 37th (2021) International Prize for Biology is awarded to Dr. Timothy Douglas White 09/07/2021
IB is Hiring a new Assistant/Associate/Full Professor - Plant Evolutionary Biology/Director of the University and Jepson Herbaria 09/03/2021
Leaping squirrels! Parkour is one of their many feats of agility 08/11/2021
Rats prefer to help their own kind. Humans may be similarly wired 07/15/2021
New book on species concepts by professor Brent Mishler 07/15/2021
Public talk on Jun 10 05/27/2021