Upcoming Drop-in Hours

Staff advisors are unavailable for drop-in advising until 1pm on Monday, Oct. 22. Peer advisors are available from 10am​-12pm.

Spring Registration

Registration for continuing students begins on 10/15. Students with "Undeclared at 75 units" registration holds must either declare IB or meet with a staff advisor to work out conditions to declare -- an appointment is required to declare and recommended for conditions. Declared IB students must fill out the survey sent from ibusso@berkeley.edu (sent on Oct. 11, subject: "Spring 2019 Registration Survey"). Phase 2 registration holds will be placed on declared students that haven't submitted their survey by Nov. 5.

When building your spring schedule, check our course table and the official Schedule of Classes for any changes to regularly offered courses, reserve capacities (i.e., seats withheld), prerequisites, and enrollment capacities. Major classes should be a phase 1 priority.

Ecological Field Research Fellowship

The IB department invites undergraduate students declared in IB to apply for the Chang-Graham award to fund student-led, field-based ecological research. More information can be found on our department awards page.

IB 77

Starting in Fall 2017, all students must have completed or be enrolled in either IB 77A or IB 77B to declare the major. IB 77A or 77B will be a graduation requirement for all students that declare IB in Fall 2017 or after. If you are already declared in IB (declared Spring 2017 or earlier), you do not need to take IB 77A or 77B, but are welcome to.