Advising Access in Summer

We are here to help in summer. Our advising office in VLSB is closed on Mondays this summer, but we are still available in person Tuesday-Friday and remotely Monday-Friday. For newly admitted students, we'll be connecting with you through Golden Bear Advising with plenty of opportunities for group and 1:1 advising.

Letter Grades for Fall 2022 Major Requirements

In light of strike impacts, L&S has made the decision to accept P grades for Essential Skills in Fall 2022 and extend late grading changes to P/NP until Sunday, December 11. They left it to the departments to decide if major requirements would also be accepted with P grades. The IB department has decided that letter grades are still required for IB major requirements. We believe this is fairest to students who made decisions about their classes before the original deadline. In addition, many IB students are headed towards grad school and health professional schools that will not accept P grades for pre-reqs. If you have any questions or already changed major requirements please make an appointment with an advisor and we can talk about the next steps.

Academic Progress Reports

IB is now using the Academic Progress Report (APR) in CalCentral to monitor your major requirements. If you notice an error in an IB requirement, submit our error report form and an IB advisor will contact you. If a university or college requirement is incorrect, use the online L&S form to report the error to a college advisor.