IB Peer Advisors

Recruitment for new peer advisors is now open. Learn more about becoming a peer advisor below. Applications are due March 17.

Peer Advisors can help you with...
  • Scheduling and course recommendations
  • General info about the major
  • Course planning in preparation for declaration
  • Research opportunities
  • Information about pre-med or graduate school requirements
  • Feel free to send your questions to: IBPeerAdvising@gmail.com

Peer Advisor Hours - Spring 2017

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00-11:00am Theresa Christina Jennifer Christina Kaylynn
11:00am-12:00pm Theresa No Peer Jennifer No Peer Kaylynn
1:00-2:00pm Marina Lily Anthony Lily Claire
2:00-3:00pm Sierra Anna Marina Anthony Claire
3:00-4:00pm Sierra Anna No Peer No Peer CLOSED

Peer Advisor Bios:
Christina Fang
Major(s)/Track/Minor:  IB (Track 2) and Asian Studies; Music
Activities: University Chorus, Evangel Christian Fellowship, Research, SLC MCB 102 Tutor
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, IB 131/L, IB C144, IB 140, IB 169, IB 170LF, MCB 102, Honors

Hi there! I'm so glad you're thinking about the IB major :) I'm originally from Taipei but I moved to Sacramento when I was 12 and now I'm here! This is my second year as a peer advisor and I have (hopefully!) gotten a year wiser and would love to help you navigate through whatever you have going on. I am a senior applying for medical school in the summer and trying to savor my last year here at Cal. Over the past three summers I have done clinical research in various hospitals and learned how studies get started, conducted, and finished. In my spare time, I like to play volleyball, sing my heart out in karaoke, and eat food, especially anything curry and everything sweet. If you have any questions about declaring IB, being premed, or even just plugging in at Cal, come by and we can chat! I look forward to seeing you in the office.

Lily Choi 
Major(s): Integrative Biology & Public Health
Research: Kaufer Laboratory; Nachman Laboratory at MVZ (past)
Activities: Medical Assistant, Peer Health Peer @ Career Center, Blue & Gold Yearbook, Phi Chi Pre Health Fraternity, Alta Bates Medical Center Volunteer, UGSI for Chem 3BL/Bio 1AL, Regents' and Chancellors' Scholars Association
Post Graduate Plans: Medical school
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, IB 131/L, IB 132/L, IB 139, IB 140, IB C144, IB 169, MCB 102

Hello, my name is Lily and I am so excited to be a peer advisor this year! I am a senior majoring in Integrative Biology (Track 2) and Public Health. I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, but moved to Irvine, California when I was 9. I love to play golf, eat anything, lounge around and sleep in, watch random shows, and meet new people! If you have any questions about double majoring, volunteering, being Pre-Med, finding research, or would just like to chat/hang out, don't hesitate to contact me!  

Anna Gong
Major(s)/Track/Minor: IB Track 2 Human Biology and Health Sciences/ Anthropology
Activates: Research, Alta Bates Volunteer, DIBS Internal VP, Alliance for Smiles Volunteer
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, IB 123AL, IB 131/L, IB 132/L, IB 166, IB 169, MCB 102, Honors

Hello. My name is Anna and I’m a 4th year Integrative Biology Major and Anthropology Minor from Davis, CA. I love going on new adventures and trying new things (especially outdoor ones)! Some of my favorite experiences include hiking, rafting, biking the Golden Gate Bridge etc. I hope to try wind-sailing and zorbing this year.  I also like to chill with friends, play board games, try new restaurants and pet fuzzy animals.

I’m currently a volunteer in a lab at the Optometry School, at Alta Bates Hospital in the Surgical Day Center and have volunteered on international medical missions in the past. Come in and ask me anything about research, picking classes, being a pre-med or just stop by and say hi! 

Anthony Pham
Major(s)/Track/Minor:  IB Track 2: Human Biology and Health Sciences
Activities: Research, Project Vision, Biology Scholars Program Tutor, Washington Hospital
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School, Natural Medicine
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, IB 107L, IB 117, IB 131, IB 132/L, IB 140, IB 141, IB C176L, MCB 102, PH 142, Honors

Greetings! My name is Anthony, and I am a fourth year Integrative Biology student interested in plants and medicine. I was born and raised in San Jose, California. I love being able to go home any time I want! Also, I have been a fan of plants ever since I was a child. I did not speak fluent English until the second grade, and so I spent most of my time playing with pine cones and weeds in the field alone. This experience eventually led me to do research with plants. Hopefully, I will be able to discover new natural remedies in the future, and this phenomenon may lower the cost of healthcare and better our global environment. I was also greatly influenced by Medical Ethnobotany (IB 117), and I enjoy working in the medical setting. I hope you will be able to find a class that will spark your enthusiasm, and as peer advisors, we can help you find your own path! 

Claire Watry
Major(s)/Track/Minor: IB Track 2 Human Biology and Health Sciences and Spanish (Option D)
Activities: E-Soccer Coach, Intramural Sports Participant and Site Supervisor, Coffee Break in Español Facilitator, UCSF Down Syndrome Clinic Community Outreach Assistant, Paws and Claws
Post Graduate Plans: Pediatric Occupational Therapy or Public Health
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, Stats 131A, Conservation Biology (Study Abroad), IB 131/L, MCB 102, Stats 131A

Hello everyone! My name is Claire, and I am a third-year Integrative Biology and Spanish double major from San Rafael, California. I am a third-generation Cal student (both my grandparents, my mom, and her two sisters went to UC Berkeley) so I have a lot of Cal spirit! I began my undergraduate journey in the College of Natural Resources and explored a variety of biology-related major options before switching into L&S and declaring IB. Over the summer, I studied Conservation Biology and Latin American Cinema in Costa Rica, and I cannot recommend the studying abroad experience enough! Outside of school, I enjoy playing with dogs at the animal shelter, baking cupcakes with my roommate, and playing soccer. In the future, I hope to have a career working with children with special needs. If you have any questions about schedule planning, double majoring, or studying abroad, please stop by to chat!

Jennifer Garces
Major(s)/Track/Minor:  Integrative Biology
Activities: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), PAHC, PASAE, Blood Pressure Project, Cal Hawaii Club
Post Graduate Plans: Nurse Practitioner
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, IB 116L, IB 131/L, IB 140, IB 167, IB 169, PH 162A

Hello there! My name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jenn. I am currently a 4th year, majoring in Integrative Biology (Track 2). I lived in the Philippines for 10 years before moving to Carson, California. I really enjoy dancing (especially for Cal Hawaii), singing, playing games, watching movies, going on adventures, being active and working out, and eating food. Ask me about the IB major, scheduling, opportunities outside pre-med, anything about Cal, or just life. I really enjoy helping and working with others, so don’t be afraid to come talk to me! 

Kaylynn Conant
Major(s)/Track/Minor: IB Track 2 Human Biology and Health Sciences, Disability Studies minor
Activities: Undergraduate Researcher at Fung Lab (UCSF), Vice President of Finance of Phi Delta Epsilon Premedical Fraternity, Berkeley Dance Community, SNAP Volunteer, Volunteer at Highland Hospital
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, IB 131/L, IB C143B, IB 172, MCB 102

Hi all! My name is Kaylynn and I am a 3rd year pre-medical student majoring in Integrative Biology and minoring in Disability Studies. I was born in China and raised in the sunny city of Fresno, California. I love traveling, going on adventures, ice cream, spending time with my friends and family, and trying new things. Growing up, I was always involved in various sports and community service activities. The best decision I have made during my college career so far is rushing Phi Delta Epsilon Premedical Fraternity during my Freshman year. I hope to spread my optimism and enthusiasm to others! I am happy to help and answer any questions about being premed, researching, volunteering, majoring in IB, and anything else that I am involved in. Please do not hesitate to stop by!

Marina Tawadros
Major(s)/Track/Minor:  Integrative Biology
Activities: Photography, Seniors and Ambassadors leader in GS of NorCal.
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School
Major Courses Taken: Most lower division courses, IB 113L, IB 131/L, IB 140, IB C144, IB 169, MCB 102, PH 142

Hello fellow Bears!

My name is Marina and I’m so excited that I’m going to be your peer advisor this year. I’m currently a 4th year majoring in the second track of Integrative Biology. I was born and grew up in Egypt and moved here right after high school when I was 18 years old. I spent two years in the community college before transferring to UC Berkeley. I am really interested in neurobiology, even when I shadowed a pathologist my favorite part was looking at the brain of a patient who needed biopsy. I also love photography A LOT, I take pictures of everything and I love candid pictures more than anything, I’ve been a Girl Scout for more than 13 years, and I am currently a Girl Scouts leader. I love volunteering at church especially when it involves outdoor activities with the youth. My extracurricular activities are so important to me; they’re my way to wash away the stress and they do not eat my time if everything goes according to my weekly schedule. Feel free to come and ask me about Integrative biology and anything you might think I can help with.

Sierra Lee
Major(s)/Track/Minor:  Integrative Biology Track 2
Activities: Cal Pre Dental Society, Department of Integrative Biology Students, UC Wind Ensemble, Undergraduate Teacher Scholar (UGSI), IM Sports Site Supervisor, IM Volleyball
Post Graduate Plans: Dental School
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, IB 113LIB C129, IB 131/L, IB 132L, IB 140, IB 169, MCB 102, PH 162A, ESPM 144

Hi there! I'm glad you're thinking about the IB major. I am a fourth year international student and have grown up in Seoul, Vancouver, and Manila. I am also hoping to pursue dentistry and have been shadowing and working in dental offices around Berkeley. I have started a Mentoring Program to help the underclassmen have a better transition at Cal through DIBS club. During my first year, I went on a mission trip to Nicaragua to provide free dental and clinical care for the locals. In my spare time, I like to hike, play volleyball & touch rugby, eat brunch, and cook food! If you have any questions about declaring IB, being pre-dental, or even just plugging in at Cal, come by and we can chat! I look forward to seeing you in the office

Theresa Yu
Major(s)/Track/Minor: IB Track 2 Human Biology and Health Sciences
Activities: Schaffer Lab, Volunteer at Tang Center, Global Brigades
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School
Major Courses Taken: All lower division courses, IB 131/L, IB 140, IB C143B, IB 166, IB 169, IB C176L, MCB 102, PH 142

Hi, my name is Theresa and I'm a fourth year majoring in IB (Track 2)! I was born in Pasadena but have spent most of my life in Irvine. In the past, I've worked in labs, interned at a biotech company, and done clinical volunteering here and abroad. Outside of class I like reading, drawing, and traveling. Feel free to ask me anything about research, internships, or the IB major in general!

IB Peer Advising Application


How can I become an IB Peer Advisor?

Download and submit a copy of the 2017-2018 IB Peer Application. Applications are due to 3060 VLSB by 3pm on March 17, 2017.

What we look for in an IB Peer Advisor:

Beyond a passion for the IB major and an interest in helping your fellow students, we look for people who are unique, both academically and as a person. Things that can help make an outstanding peer advisor include, but are not limited to: research experience, participation in the honors program, overcoming personal and/or academic adversity, tutoring, participation in clubs on campus, or the transfer student experience. Ultimately, what we want to see on your application is what makes you stand out as a student AND as a person!

Requirements at time of application:

  1. Be declared in Integrative Biology at the time of application, or be eligible to declare by the following fall semester.
  2. Have completed at least one semester at Cal.
  3. Able to work at least 2 shifts (1 hour each) and attend one 1-hour meeting per week.
  4. Willing to commit to working as a peer advisor for at least two semesters.

* Please note that peer advisor positions are unpaid. IB peer advisors can volunteer or earn academic credit for their work.