Peer advisors are on summer break! Please check back in with us once fall semester starts.

Peer Advisors can help you with...

  • Scheduling and course recommendations
  • General info about the major
  • Course planning in preparation for declaration
  • Research opportunities
  • Information about pre-med or graduate school requirements
  • Feel free to send your questions to:

Peer Advisor Hours - Spring 2020

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-10:00am Linnea   Linnea    
10:00-11:00am Nicole Lucy Diamond Isabella Linnea
11:00am-12:00pm Maria Nicole Lucy Nicole  
1:00-2:00pm Maria Maria Diamond Isabella  
2:00-3:00pm     Lucy Diamond  
3:00-4:00pm Isabella Sabrina Sabrina   CLOSED

Peer Advisor Bios:
Major(s)/Emphasis/Minor: Integrative Biology-Emphasis 2
Activities: DIBS: Department of Integrative Biology Students, Chemistry Undergraduate Teacher Scholar Program, Diamond’s Anatomy Enrichment Program, AFX Dance; Former: SAGE Mentorship Program, SLC General Chemistry Tutor, Golden Bear Orientation (GBO) Leader
Research: Vázquez-Medina Lab, IB: I have participated in the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) and will now be pursuing a senior honors thesis on the relative roles of proteins Prdx6 versus Gpx4 in reducing lipid peroxides and mediating cell death in mouse and human lung endothelial cells.
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School
Major Courses Taken: IB 117, IB 131/L, IB 132/L, IB C156, IB 169, IB 191, IB H196A/B, MCB 102

Hello! My name is Diamond and I am a senior majoring in Integrative Biology. I grew up in Palmdale (famous for the Joshua Trees) and am now in love with the Bay Area weather. As a pre-med student, I really appreciate the diversity of the curriculum and scope of research in IB. While I am not volunteering at the Children's Hospital Oakland and the Lifelong TRUST Center, I love tutoring for general chemistry, hanging out with friends, dancing, and exploring NorCal (thank you public transportation). I look forward to meeting with you and answering any questions you may have about pre-med life, clinical volunteering, and anything else!

Major(s)/Emphasis/Minor: Integrative Biology-Emphasis 2, Psychology; Science & Math Education (CalTeach) minor
Research: Former: Peter Zinoman, History: I collected both qualitative and quantitative data on Vietnam War documentaries to study Vietnam-centrism and neo-revisionism.
Post Graduate Plans: Physical Therapy, Teaching, or Masters degree
Major Courses Taken: IB C129L, IB 131/L, IB 132/L, IB C143A, IB 169, Study Abroad in Singapore (Group B+Field Lab)

Hey! I'm Isabella and I'm currently a fourth-year IB Emphasis 2 major. I am double majoring in Psychology and minoring in Science and Math Education through the CalTeach program. I love to workout, meet new people, and travel. I had an amazing experience studying physics abroad in Ireland two summers ago. This summer I went to Singapore and took a biodiversity course to fulfill my IB Group B requirement. I have a big passion for academia and love to teach high schoolers! Feel free to chat to me about double majoring, minoring, studying abroad, the CalTeach program or anything else!

Major(s)/Emphasis/Minor: Integrative Biology-Emphasis 1, Conservation and Resource Studies minor
Research: Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ): URAP in Bird Curatorial with Carla Cicero with a focus on organization, cataloging, and preservation of museum specimens, tissue samples, and educational displays.
Post Graduate Plans: Grad School or research
Major Courses Taken: IB 104LF, IB C156, IB 160, UC NRS California Ecology and Conservation (Group B+Field Lab)

Hi, I'm Linnea! I'm a third-year IB major (Emphasis 1) from Paso Robles, California. I started doing field biology right out of high school and fell in love with it! When I'm not studying or playing piccolo around campus in Cal Band, I love hammocking under the Campanile to watch the peregrine falcons, baking treats for my housemates, and drawing. Feel free to come chat with me about surviving your lower div classes, URAP, the MVZ (Museum of Vertebrate Zoology), how I spent all of last summer travelling California and studying cool organisms (for Upper Div units!), or just to tell me about your favorite wilderness spots!

Major(s)/Emphasis/Minor: Integrative Biology-Emphasis 2, Psychology
Research: Ayduk Lab, Psychology: We research emotional regulation and self-control in children from 5-8 years old.
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School
Major Courses Taken: IB 114, IB 131/L, IB 132/L, IB C143A, IB 169, MCB 102

Hi! My name is Lucy, and I am a fourth year double majoring in IB Human Biology and Psychology. As a pre-med student, I love the combination of these two majors because it allows me to get a great understanding of both the body and the mind. I love to travel, watch netflix, and bake. I’d love to help answer any questions about double majoring, traveling abroad, pre-med classes, applying for research, joining on or off campus activities or anything else!

Major(s)/Emphasis/Minor: Integrative Biology-Emphasis 2, Molecular & Cell Biology
Research: N/A
Post Graduate Plans: Pre-health or graduate school
Major Courses Taken: IB 104LF, IB 131/L, IB 132/L, IB 169, Study Abroad in Singapore (Group B+Field Lab), MCB C100A, MCB 104, MCB 135A, Chem 135

Hi! My name is Maria and I am a fourth year double majoring in Integrative Biology and MCB Biochemistry. I was born and raised in Orange County. I chose IB because it gave me the opportunity to study different scopes of biology, while focusing on the human side which I love to learn about. I love to swim, travel, teach, and watch Netflix whenever I can. I am very passionate about studying abroad after having gone twice (Ireland and Singapore). Please feel free to stop by whenever if you have any questions about studying abroad, classes, double majoring, or anything in general! Hope to see you soon!

Major(s)/Emphasis/Minor: Integrative Biology-Emphasis 2, Global Poverty & Practice minor
Research: Levine Group, Haas: Focused on hygiene heroes, a curriculum that is shared with countries abroad in hopes of improving hygiene habits and informing them about other health topics.
Walker Sleep Lab, Psychology: sleep lab (new position).
Post Graduate Plans: Medical School
Major Courses Taken: IB 131, IB 184L, MCB 102

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a third year majoring in Integrative Biology on the Human Biology track with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I chose Integrative Biology because I was more interested in the macro side of biology and found the classes within the major applicable to what I want to do in the future! I love to travel, try new food places out in the Bay Area, and explore hiking spots within Berkeley. I have a large interest in housing issues in the Bay Area and how that affects homelessness. I just finished studying abroad at the University of Sussex, so if you have any questions about that, feel free to ask me! Additionally, please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about pre-med, being in a pre-health fraternity, volunteering, research, or anything else!

Major(s)/Emphasis/Minor: Integrative Biology-Emphasis 2
Research: Peter Oboyski, Essig Museum. I am a walking stick wrangler. I monitor and take care of several walking stick insect species.
Post Graduate Plans: Graduate School
Major Courses Taken: IB C144, IB 148, IB C156, IB 161

Hello, I'm Sabrina! I initially was a Chemical Biology major, but realized that it wasn't the right fit for me. With the support of fellow IB students and after learning about the incredible classes IB had to offer, I made the switch to Integrative Biology and have been happy with that choice ever since! Outside of classes and work, I play piccolo in the Cal Band, volunteer with The Suitcase Clinic, bake lots of desserts, and go for walks.

IB Peer Advising Application


How can I become an IB Peer Advisor?

Application cycles are early in spring semester. You can also talk to Zac in 3060 VLSB for more information on joining the program.

What we look for in an IB Peer Advisor:

Beyond a passion for the IB major and an interest in helping your fellow students, we look for people who are unique, both academically and as a person. Things that can help make an outstanding peer advisor include, but are not limited to: research experience, participation in the honors program, overcoming personal and/or academic adversity, tutoring, participation in clubs on campus, or the transfer student experience. Ultimately, what we want to see on your application is what makes you stand out as a student AND as a person!

Requirements at time of application:

  1. Be declared in Integrative Biology at the time of application, or be eligible to declare by the following fall semester.
  2. Have completed at least one semester at Cal.
  3. Able to work at least three shifts (1 hour each) and attend one 1-hour meeting per week.
  4. Willing to commit to working as a peer advisor for at least two semesters.

* Please note that peer advisor positions are unpaid. IB peer advisors earn academic credit for their work.