Below are news items from various sources about members of Integrative Biology and their research.
Marian Diamond, neuroscientist who gave new meaning to ‘use it or lose it,’ dies at 90 07/31/2017
Congratulations 2017 IB Graduates! 06/16/2017
IB Undergraduate Wins University Medal 05/09/2017
My Love Affair with the Brain: The Life and Science of Dr. Marian Diamond 04/26/2017
Yosemite documentary features Berkeley sequoia researchers 04/03/2017
How Butterfly Wings are Built 03/01/2017
Ackerly Elected to Ecological Society of America 02/07/2017
Workshop: Switzerland. Evolutionary Biology 12/12/2016
Specht Lab Rocks the Mannequin Challenge! 11/21/2016
Remember after election: Stress can be good for you 11/15/2016
Research proposes repellent/insecticide combination to fight malaria 11/02/2016
Todd Dawson in: The Fog and the Redwood on Science Friday 09/26/2016
Mishler Lab Models the Effect of Climate Change on Trees 09/20/2016
Faculty Position in Vertebrate Physiology 09/14/2016
Welcome New IB Graduate Students! 08/24/2016
Changes in primate teeth linked to rise of monkeys 07/11/2016
The Evolutionary Path of Least Resistance 06/30/2016
2016-17 Peder Sather Grant Program Award 06/23/2016
Noah Whiteman Featured on GENIUS by STEPHEN HAWKING Ep 5: What Are We? 06/02/2016
Congratulations 2016 IB Graduates! 05/19/2016
Undergraduate Research: Shaping Future Biologists 05/18/2016
UCR to Host Global Food Security Week with Slate of Events 05/09/2016
Full Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences 04/20/2016
IB Grad Student Featured by Graduate Division 04/18/2016
Montgomery Slatkin is honored with the Kimura Motoo Award 04/15/2016
Tune in to The Graduates to hear about Oceanic plants in Hawaii! 04/11/2016
2016 I-House Annual Celebration & Awards Gala to Honor Dr. Marian Diamond and I-House Alumni Faculty of UC Berkeley 03/30/2016
Bromances may be good for men’s health 03/10/2016
Neurobiology: Rise of resilience 03/10/2016
IB Grad Student Competes in 2016 UC Grand Slam 03/04/2016