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Diversity Resources for Undergraduates in Integrative Biology
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Diversity Resources from the Graduate Assembly
Reporting Incidents of Intolerance or Harassment
Faculty Resource List: Advancing Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

IB Diversity Mission Statement

With the recognition that one of UC Berkeley’s core missions is to provide educational opportunities for all students, encompassing diversity in gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, we in the Department of Integrative Biology affirm our commitment to increasing participation by underrepresented groups in our undergraduate student body, our undergraduate research assistants, our graduate student body, our postdoctoral associates, our faculty, and our staff. Our goals are to provide an equitable environment for all, and to significantly increase the percentage of underrepresented students and faculty in our department as soon as possible.

IB Equity Advisors
Paul Fine (paulfine@berkeley.edu)
Rauri Bowie (bowie@berkeley.edu)

The Equity Advisor acts as a liaison between IB and the campus and interprets and works to implement policies that relate to equity and inclusion. The Equity Advisor has an important role in faculty searches, advancement and retention, graduate student admission, fellowship nominations, and retention, and departmental climate for equity and inclusion.


All undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty and staff who have a question or want to discuss any issue related to Departmental equity and inclusion are encouraged to contact IB’s equity advisors, Paul or Rauri.

IB Diversity Committee
Faculty representatives:
Paul Fine, co-Chair (paulfine@berkeley.edu)
Rauri Bowie, co-Chair (bowie@berkeley.edu)

Graduate Student representatives:
Lindsey Hendricks-Franco (lindsey.g.hendricks@berkeley.edu)
Joyce Chery (chery.joyce@berkeley.edu)​
Betsabé Castro (bcastro@berkeley.edu)

The IB Diversity Committee meets several times each semester. The three main tasks of this committee are to (1) promote recruitment of underrepresented graduate student applicants, (2) administer the Diversity Fellowship (Berkeley Fellowship and Chancellor’s Fellowship) nomination process for IB graduate applicants, and (3) produce the strategic plan for Diversity/Equity in the Academic Program Review and ensure its implementation within the Department. The committee also addresses any equity issues brought forward on an ad-hoc basis.

Chancellor’s Fellowships are awarded to incoming Ph.D. students across campus in recognition of significant academic achievement as well as for making strong contributions to promoting opportunities for groups historically underrepresented in higher education.

Diversity Resources for Undergraduates in Integrative Biology

The Biology Scholars Program (BSP) is based in the Valley Life Sciences Building (2075 VLSB) (http://bsp.berkeley.edu/). BSP is a mentoring program that was established in 1992, and supports undergraduates with study groups, advising, paid internships, opportunities for networking and service and a critical sense of community to undergraduates. Over the past 24 years, of the more than 2500 BSP graduates, 60% have been underrepresented minorities, 70% women, and 80% from low-income backgrounds and/or the first in their family to attend college. BSP has made a major impact on the success of underrepresented students studying biology and medical related sciences.

Information for Prospective and Current Graduate Students

This link provides guidance about how to write your personal statements for Berkeley’s graduate school application:

Integrative Biology, Chancellor’s Fellowship Videos:

Jeremy Chase Crawford

Sara Elshafie

Betsabé Castro Escobar

Roxanne Cruz-de Hoyos

Joyce Gloria Chery

Diversity outreach links:

Diversity Resource links:

Additional links:

Diversity Resources from the Graduate Assembly

Graduate Minority Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention Project: <gmorr-ga@berkeley.edu>

Graduate Minority Student Project: <gmsp-ga@berkeley.edu>

Graduate Student Parent Advocacy Project: <gspa-ga@berkeley.edu>

Graduate Student Wellness Project: <wellness-ga@berkeley.edu>

Queer and Trans* Advocacy Project: <qtap-ga@berkeley.edu>

Women of Color Initiative: <woci-ga@berkeley.edu>
Organizes the Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference (EWOCC) taking place every Spring Semester

Reporting Incidents of Intolerance or Harassment

Our community endeavors to be a place where everyone feels safe and included. Still, there are times when we find ourselves in need to report something we have observed or experienced. If you have experienced or observed an act of intolerance at UC Berkeley we encourage you to file a report.

You may file a report anonymously or by name on the UC Systemwide Intolerance Reporting Form. You may also choose to file a report with UCPD in 1 Sproul Hall, 510-642-6760 (non emergency) if you experience or observe a Hate Crime.  

UC Berkeley maintains the stophate.berkeley.edu website where you will find information about:

  1. What is a hate crime?
  2. What do I do if I become a target of, or witness, a hate crime or hate-motivated act?
  3. Will the University take action?
  4. On Campus Resources for Education, Advocacy, and Support
  5. Additional Reporting, Support, and Other Information

The university has a variety of resources to assist you in helping to create and maintain a civil and inclusive campus community.  Some of the other resources for education include:

ASUC Student Advocate Office (SAO)
Student Legal Services
Additional reporting, support services, and other information

Faculty Resource List: Advancing Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

In addition to encouraging campus members to report acts of intolerance, the Division of Equity & Inclusion has also compiled a broader list of resources for faculty on:

  1. Supporting students from underserved and marginalized groups
  2. Creating inclusive classrooms
  3. Advancing equity and inclusion throughout the campus

Please click here to download the list: Faculty Resource List.