Transfer Student Information

Some Tips for IB

  • The Integrative Biology (IB) major can be declared during your first semester at UCB (effective Fall 2018). We advise declaring a major early to gain access to upper division courses and to build connections to staff and faculty in the department.
  • Students are strongly recommended to pick other non-IB courses to balance their study load.
  • A minimum 2.0 GPA in lower and upper division courses is required. 
  • Students may use certain courses to fulfill both a lab requirement and a group requirement. These have both group and lab notations in our course table.
  • A statistics course is recommended for those planning on graduate study. 
  • Students may use up to two pre-approved courses from outside the IB major for elective credit in the major. See the elective course list for a these pre-approved electives.

Discuss with an advisor in the Undergraduate Student Services Office your readiness to declare. Bring a copy of your transcripts and current enrollments when you meet with an advisor. 


Major Requirements

The IB curriculum is designed to provide students with the necessary intellectual tools and techniques required to conduct multidisciplinary work in organismal biology.  Laboratory and field courses will provide you with experience in and methodologies for the study of both living and extinct organisms. See our Curriculum page for IB Major Requirements.


Planning the IB Major

To plan your IB major, you can use the checksheet found on our forms page. Below are some sample plans to help guide you in the planning process. If you have any questions, please stop by the advising office or contact our peer or staff advisors.

Emphasis 1: Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
  Fall Spring

IB Group A or C
IB 77A

IB Group B w/ Field Lab
IB Elective
Senior IB Group A or C
IB Elective
IB Group B w/ Lab
IB Elective


Emphasis 2: Integrative Human Biology
  Fall Spring
Junior IB Group C w/ Lab
IB Group B or Elective
IB 77A
IB Group B (w/ Lab?)
IB Group C or Elective
Senior IB Group A
IB Elective
IB Group C (w/ Lab?)
IB Elective

Transfers should also:

  • Participate in Golden Bear Advising, Golden Bear Prep, and Golden Bear Orientation during the summer before enrolling at Cal.
  • Communicate with the Undergraduate Student Services Office before the start of their first semester or soon after for advising and planning.