Who to Contact



Buying supplies & placing orders online Financial Services - Purchasing
Car/vehicle rentals, gas cards Departmental Accounting
Expense reimbursements including travel Financial Services - Purchasing
Gifts to IB faculty, donation checks to deposit Business Services
Grant financial information: rebudgeting, expense projections, closeouts Research Administration
Grant proposals: budgets, renewals Research Administration
Loading / Unloading permits Departmental Accounting
Office of Lab Animal Care (OLAC) Accounts & Billing Purchasing
Parking permits for guests Departmental Accounting

(Valley Life Sciences Building)

See also VLSB Who to Contact Page  
IB room scheduling (room descriptions) Seminar Coordinator
Keys (metal & card keys) VLSB Support
Keys for classrooms Instructional Support
Injury Reports (Workers' Comp) Human Resources
Loading/Unloading permits Departmental Accounting
Parking permits for guests Departmental Accounting
Safety / Security VLSB Building Manager
Shared facilities VLSB Support
VLSB Building Manager


Email Account applications (CalMail/bMail) Calmail
Room 3056 computer passwords & software IT Support
IB website maintenance / updates / questions IT Support

Calnet activation, resetting Calnet passphrase

IT Support


Audio Visual equipment (borrowing): TV, VCR, 35 mm slide projector, overhead projector; (for LCD Projector - see below) Instructional Support
Copy Machines: service reports, copy codes for all copiers Departmental Accounting
Disposal of obsolete/unwanted equipment Receiving & Storekeeper
Excess & salvage Receiving & Storekeeper
Insurance on equipment Purchasing
LCD Projector (Epson Model 730c): borrowing Office/Seminar Coordinator
Purchasing equipment Purchasing
Scantron Machine (with ParSCORE Software): borrowing Instructional Support


Copy machines: service reports, copy codes for copiers Departmental Accounting
Faxes, IB office fax machine  
Federal Express / UPS shipping Receiving & Storekeeper
Guest parking permits Departmental Accounting
Mail, Room 1005 mailboxes  


Financial Information: rebudgeting, expense projections, closeouts Research Administration
Proposals: budgets, renewals Research Administration


See this link for detailed, additional services
For general questions Instructional Support Manager
Class scheduling / classroom assignments Curriculum Planner
Room scheduling (IB rooms) Seminar Coordinator
Seminar information & arrangements Seminar Coordinator
Undergraduate curriculum planning Undergrad Student Affairs Officer


Hiring and Benefits:
Academic: Faculty Academic Personnel Coordinator
Academic: Lecturers Academic Personnel Coordinator
Academic: Postdocs Human Resources
Staff and Students Human Resources
Payroll Timesheets
Hourly Payroll
Monthly Payroll


Graduate Student Matters: GSI Hiring, Admissions, Fellowships Graduate Student Affairs Officer
Seminar Information & Arrangements Office/Seminar Coordinator
Undergraduate Student Matters; Curriculum planning Undergrad Student Affairs Officer