IB Instruction

Instructional Support provides support for courses offered by the Department of Integrative Biology. Staff assists with planning, course development, purchases, equipment setup, and maintenance.


Instructional Support StaffInstructional Support Manager: Tami Mau

Bio1B Instructional Support Staff:
Brett Boltz, Kimberly HernandezJules Winters

IB Instructional Support staff:
Jonatas de Paula OliveiraJoshua Povich

Course Resources

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Multimedia Equipment  
  • portable 1080p LCD projector
  • Surface Pro PC laptop computer
  • digital SLR camera
  • digital videocamera with wireless microphone and transmitter
  • Document camera - Canon
  • Digital microscope camera
  • portable microphone/speaker
  • DVD player with monitor
  • VCR and TV monitor
  • overhead projector
  • slide scanner

Jonatas de Paula OliveiraJoshua Povich

Room Reservations for Valley Life Sciences Building 
Room Requests must be submitted 5 days in advance of the event.


Second Floor Lecture Rooms (These are scheduled through Central Classroom Scheduling)

2040 VLSB, 2050 VLSB, 2060 VLSB

Seminar Rooms (These are scheduled through ib_room@berkeley.edu)

View photos of seminar rooms.

2063 VLSB, 3053 VLSB, 4110 VLSB, 5053 VLSB, 5192 VLSB

Third Floor Teaching & Computer Rooms

See IB Teaching Labs page for photos and room information

Jonatas de Paula Oliveira
Teaching Resources  

Bio 1B support

Joshua Povich/Brett Boltz

Botanical models/specimens

Joshua Povich

Other (non-botanical) models/specimens

Jonatas de Paula Oliveira/Tami Mau

Plant collecting for classes

Joshua Povich

Photocopy requests (instructional only), printing lab manuals and readers

Jonatas de Paula Oliveira/Joshua Povich
Exam scoring and reports (Custom Scantron-like bubble sheets, versioning and full scoring analysis). Please contact us to review options. We also have an old-school DIY Scantron machine.  Jonatas de Paula Oliveira/Joshua Povich

Additional assistance regarding teaching your IB class

Jonatas de Paula Oliveira/Joshua Povich/Tami Mau

Webpage Assistance & Development for Courses


Bio 1B

Brett Boltz

Courses other than Bio 1B

Jonatas de Paula Oliveira/Tami Mau