Below are news items from various sources about members of Integrative Biology and their research.
Field Genomics course brings cutting-edge research techniques to UC Berkeley freshmen 06/05/2019
Nielsen: CRISPR baby mutation significantly increases mortality 06/04/2019
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Essig’s SFO exhibition showcases six-legged frequent fliers 05/20/2019
Recognizing IB's Outstanding Graduate Student Instructors 04/16/2019
Are There Dinosaur Bones in UC Berkeley's Campanile? 03/08/2019
Researchers Work to Reverse Cognitive Decline as People Age 03/05/2019
UC Berkeley study reveals hummingbirds prioritize fighting over feeding 01/23/2019
IB Students in the Lab and Field 01/10/2019
The Sounds That Haunted U.S. Diplomats in Cuba? Lovelorn Crickets, Scientists Say 01/08/2019
Feisty hummingbirds prioritize fencing over feeding 01/02/2019
Congratulations to Daniela Kaufer and Bill Jagust, The 2018 Radical Ideas in Brain Science Challenge winners 12/20/2018
In Memoriam: Roberta Park 12/14/2018
Acrobatic geckos can even race on water’s surface 12/07/2018
As climate and land-use change accelerate, so must efforts to preserve state’s plants 11/19/2018
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Destructive snails are invading Bay Area waters. And no one knows what to do 11/02/2018
Faculty Positions in Life Sciences 09/28/2018
Evolutionary biologist Dr Alison Feder has been named winner of the very first Milner Prize 09/27/2018
Faculty Position in Vertebrate Paleontology 08/27/2018
California’s Birds Are Testing New Survival Tactics on a Vast Scale 07/30/2018
Fertilizer destroys plant microbiome’s ability to protect against disease 07/27/2018
How Stress Changes Your Brain: An Interview With Professor Daniela Kaufer 07/20/2018
Podcast: A biology prof on growing up gay in rural Minnesota 07/09/2018
2018 IB Commencement Viewing 06/22/2018
The Spring 2018 Newsletter is here! 06/01/2018
Rehabilitating lactate: from poison to cure 05/24/2018
Did last ice age affect breast feeding in Native Americans? 04/23/2018
Cal Day fun! 04/20/2018
How Cockroaches Crash Into Walls and Keep Going 02/14/2018