Old Curriculum

Requirements for the OLD Major —students declared IB in Fall 2009 or earlier

Did you declare the IB as a major in Fall 2009 or earlier?

All courses for the major must be taken on a letter grade basis.
(Note: Integrative Biology does not offer a minor.)

Lower Division Requirements

  • Math 16A (Math 1A is acceptable)
  • Chemistry 1A, 3A, 3AL, 3B, 3BL
  • Biology 1A, 1AL, 1B
    (AP Biology score of 4 or 5 will satisfy the biology requirement for this major. However, students are strongly advised to complete university-level courses, especially if planning to attend graduate or professional schools.)
  • Physics 8A, 8B (7A, 7B acceptable)

Upper Division Requirements

Minimum of 26 upper division units of science coursework, and at least 6 courses in the following:

  • At least ONE IB course in each of the categories below:
    • Ecology / Evolution / Behavior
    • Physiology / Structure / Biomechanics
    • Human Biology / Health Science
  • At least ONE Genetics course from this list:
    • IB 141 Human Genetics (Summer Session only)
    • IB 162 Ecological Genetics
    • IB 163 Molecular Evolution
    • IB 164 Human Genetics & Genomics
    • MCB 104 Genetics, Genomics & Cell Biology
    • MCB 140 General Genetics
  • At least TWO upper division lecture/laboratory OR lecture/lab/field courses

Note: One cannot use the same course twice to satisfy separate major requirements. (Example: If the course satisfies a lecture/lab requirement, it cannot be used as one of the three primary category courses.)