Jonathon Stillman

Jonathan Stillman

Adjunct Professor

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Research Description

Our research focuses on understanding the ultimate and proximate causes of physiological diversity in relation to changes in the marine environment, and understanding the ecological consequences of physiological response limits in the context of climate change.  We study a broad diversity of marine organisms, including porcelain crabs, corals, coccolithophores, and clams. Our research blends in vivo physiology, such as cardiac activity or metabolic rate, with protein biochemistry, including proteomics, enzymology and protein structure-function relationships, and we use functional genomics, specifically transcriptome profiling using cDNA microarrays and RNA-seq, to elucidate the mechanistic bases for physiological plasticity and diversity.

Projects currently underway in our laboratory are focused on understanding how porcelain crabs, king crabs, and coccolithophores respond to ocean acidification, examination of the combined effects of ocean acidification with other environmental drives such as temperature and nutrients in crabs and coccolithophores, study of the effects of environmental variability on an invasive clam in San Francisco Bay, and in the near future we will begin to examine the effects of climate change on aquatic insects.

Selected Publications

Lefebvre, S.C., I. Benner, J.H. Stillman, M.K. Drake, P.E. Rossignol, K.M. Okimura, T. Komada, E.J. Carpenter.  2011. Nitrogen source and pCO2 synergistically affect carbon allocation, growth and morphology of the coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyiGlobal Change Biology. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2011.02575.x 

Dorgan, K.M., S. Lefebvre, J.H. Stillman, M.A.R. Koehl.  2011. Energetics of burrowing by the cirratulid polychaete, Cirriformia mooreiJ. Exp. Biol. 214: 2202-2214  

Tagmount, A., M. Wang, E. Lindquist, Y. Tanaka, K.S. Teranishi, M. Wong, S. Sunagawa, and J.H. Stillman. 2010. The porcelain crab transcriptome and PCAD, the porcelain crab microarray and sequence database.PLoS ONE. 5(2): e9327

Mykles, D, C.K. Ghalambour, J.H. Stllman, and L. Tomanek.  2010.  Grand challenges in comparative physiology: Integration across disciplines and across levels of biological organization.  Int. Comp. Biol.doi:10.1093/icb/icq015.