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Faculty News

Marian Diamond“My Love Affair with the Brain,” a documentary
about the late Professor Emeritus Marian
, has won the Kavli-AAAS award for
Science Documentary of the Year.

Mimi A. R. KoehlProfessor Mimi A. R. Koehl has received the
2018 Distinguished Alumni Award from the
Graduate School of Duke University.

Paul FineProfessor Paul Fine has received an award from
the National Geographic Society to conduct
research expeditions in the Andes.

Graduate Student Awards

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor
(OGSI) Awards for 2017-2018:

OGSI Awardees

Left to right: Gabriel Damasco (Fine
lab), Sofia Chang (Dudley and Koehl labs), Daniel Latorre (Marshall lab), Peter Kloess (Hlusko lab), Renske Kirchholtes (Looy lab).

Ana LyonsAna Lyons (Williams lab) was recently
accepted to the NSF Antarctic Biology
Training Program.

Audrey HaynesPrahlada PapperJulianne PelaezHuanjie Sheng
Left to right: Audrey Haynes (Sousa lab), Prahlada Papper (Ackerly lab), Julianne Pelaez (Whiteman lab), and Huanjie Sheng (Kaufer lab).

Tim O’ConnorTim O’Connor (Whiteman lab) received a
Student Research Award from the American
Society of Naturalists that will fund his
research on co-speciation between creosote
bush and its herbivorous insect community
as well as a Philomathia Foundation Graduate
Fellowship in Environmental Sciences for
2018-2019 which will fund one semester of
tuition and stipend while he conducts research.

2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships:
Kelsey Crutchfield-Peters Jesus Martinez-GomezJulianne Pelaez
Left to right: Kelsey Crutchfield-Peters (Dawson lab), Jesus Martinez-Gomez (Specht lab), and Julianne Pelaez (Whiteman lab).

Julianne Pelaez in fieldJulianne Pelaez (Whiteman lab) received a
Mentored Research Award, which awards
academically promising doctoral students
with a year-long stipend plus payment of
in-state fees. This award assists students
in acquiring sophisticated research skills
by working under faculty mentorship on
their own pre-dissertation research.
Gabriel DamascoGabriel Damasco (Fine lab) received a $2,000
grant from the International Association for
Plant Taxonomy Research.
Aaron PomerantzAaron Pomerantz (Patel lab) received a
Jacobs Institute Innovation Catalysts grant
for his project to design low-cost, portable tools for science and education.
Betsabé Castro EscobarBetsabé Castro Escobar (Fine/Carlson labs)
was awarded a two-year Botany in Action
Fellowship from Phipps Conservatory and
Botanical Gardens, which supports emerging
plant-focused scientists.
Ashley PoustAshley Poust (Marshall lab) recently
published a paper on the geographic and geochronologic range of early pinnipeds,
which was chosen as an Editor’s Choice
article by Acta Palaeontologica Polonica.
Catherine HernandezCatherine Hernandez (Koskella lab) was
selected for the Australia-Americas PhD
Research Internship, where she will be
performing a microscopy project with
Dr. Jeremy Barr at Monash University.

Undergraduate Student Awards

IB Commencement Awards 2018: 

2 IB Undergrads in RegaliaCongratulations to Hiep Nguyen, Marian Diamond Award (left); Jazlyn Chong, Franklin Henry Award (center); Zheng Oong, Departmental Citation Award (right); and Seth LaRosa, Joseph LeConte Award.




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