ibNewsletter_SP18_Diamond-Zhukova_141x160px.jpg“My Love Affair with the Brain,” a documentary
about the late Professor Emeritus Marian
, has won the Kavli-AAAS award for
Science Documentary of the Year.

ibNewsletter_SP18_Koehl_141x160px.jpgProfessor Mimi A. R. Koehl has received the
2018 Distinguished Alumni Award from the
Graduate School of Duke University.

ibNewsletter_SP18_FinePaul_141x160px.jpgProfessor Paul Fine has received an award from
the National Geographic Society to conduct
research expeditions in the Andes.


Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor
(OGSI) Awards for 2017-2018:


Left to right: Gabriel Damasco (Fine
lab), Sofia Chang (Dudley and Koehl labs), Daniel Latorre (Marshall lab), Peter Kloess (Hlusko lab), Renske Kirchholtes (Looy lab).

ibNewsletter_SP18_LyonsAna_141x160px.jpgAna Lyons (Williams lab) was recently
accepted to the NSF Antarctic Biology
Training Program.

Left to right: Audrey Haynes (Sousa lab), Prahlada Papper (Ackerly lab), Julianne Pelaez (Whiteman lab), and Huanjie Sheng (Kaufer lab).

ibNewsletter_SP18_oConnorTim_141x160px.jpgTim O’Connor (Whiteman lab) received a
Student Research Award from the American
Society of Naturalists that will fund his
research on co-speciation between creosote
bush and its herbivorous insect community
as well as a Philomathia Foundation Graduate
Fellowship in Environmental Sciences for
2018-2019 which will fund one semester of
tuition and stipend while he conducts research.

2018 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships:
ibNewsletter_SP18_CrutchfieldPeters_Kelsey_141x160px.jpg ibNewsletter_SP18_Martinez-GomezJesus_141x160px.jpgibNewsletter_SP18_Pelaez_Julianne2_141x160px.jpg
Left to right: Kelsey Crutchfield-Peters (Dawson lab), Jesus Martinez-Gomez (Specht lab), and Julianne Pelaez (Whiteman lab).

ibNewsletter_SP18_Pelaez_Julianne_141x160px.jpgJulianne Pelaez (Whiteman lab) received a
Mentored Research Award, which awards
academically promising doctoral students
with a year-long stipend plus payment of
in-state fees. This award assists students
in acquiring sophisticated research skills
by working under faculty mentorship on
their own pre-dissertation research.
ibNewsletter_SP18_DamascoGabriel_141x160px.jpgGabriel Damasco (Fine lab) received a $2,000
grant from the International Association for
Plant Taxonomy Research.
ibNewsletter_SP18_Pomerantz_Aaron_141x160px.jpgAaron Pomerantz (Patel lab) received a
Jacobs Institute Innovation Catalysts grant
for his project to design low-cost, portable tools for science and education.
ibNewsletter_SP18_CastroEscobar_141x160px.jpgBetsabé Castro Escobar (Fine/Carlson labs)
was awarded a two-year Botany in Action
Fellowship from Phipps Conservatory and
Botanical Gardens, which supports emerging
plant-focused scientists.
ibNewsletter_SP18_PoustAshRev_141x80px.jpgAshley Poust (Marshall lab) recently
published a paper on the geographic and geochronologic range of early pinnipeds,
which was chosen as an Editor’s Choice
article by Acta Palaeontologica Polonica.
ibNewsletter_SP18_Hernandez_Catherine_141x160px.jpgCatherine Hernandez (Koskella lab) was
selected for the Australia-Americas PhD
Research Internship, where she will be
performing a microscopy project with
Dr. Jeremy Barr at Monash University.


IB Commencement Awards 2018: 

ibNewsletter_SP18_IBCommencementAwards_235x157px.jpgCongratulations to Hiep Nguyen, Marian Diamond Award (left); Jazlyn Chong, Franklin Henry Award (center); Zheng Oong, Departmental Citation Award (right); and Seth LaRosa, Joseph LeConte Award.




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