Insight Fall 2019

Faculty Accolades

Professor George Bentley was selected to give the Bern Lecture at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting in January 2020 for his remarkable contributions to the field of comparative endocrinology.

Bentley_ACSMProfessor George Brooks ​gave the keynote lecture at the American College of Sports Medicine meeting in 2019 entitled "The Tortuous Path of Lactate Shuttle Discovery: From Cinders and Boards to the Lab and ICU."

Marshall_CharlesProfessor Charles Marshall received the Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs from the UC Berkeley Graduate Division. Sudamant_PeterAssistant Professor Peter Sudmant received the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research and AFAR Grant for Junior Faculty.
Wake_MarvaleeProfessor of the Graduate School Marvalee Wake received the International Union of Biological Sciences Award for her contributions to the IUBS and to the biological sciences.  

Graduate Student Accolades


Reena Debray (Koskella lab) is a recipient of the Lewontin Award from the Society for the Study of Evolution, which provides research funding for early graduate students.


King_EmilyEmily King (Williams and Stillman labs) is a recipient of the Mary Bowerman Science and Research Award from Save Mount Diablo to support her work on the physiology and ecology of invasive snails in and around Mount Diablo.



Lam_EmilyEmily Lam (Vasquez-Medina lab) is a recipient of the Carol Baird Graduate Student Award for Field Research to study physiological and behavioral responses of northern elephant seals to global changes among three northern California rookeries.



Lepore_TaraTara Lepore (Hlusko lab) received a travel grant from the Geological Society of America, and she was elected the Communications Officer for the Paleontological Society.



Olliff Yang_RachaelRachael Olliff Yang (Ackerly lab) is a recipient of the GSI Teaching Effectiveness Award for her work in using phenomena-based inquiry to increase class participation in Bio1B.



Pomerantz_AaronAaron Pomerantz (Patel lab) received seed funding from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at UC Berkeley to develop new education initiatives, such as “Field Genomics” and science communication content production.



Verster_KirstenKirsten Verster (Whiteman lab) received a grant from the Golden Gate Science into Action Fund at Golden Gate National Recreation Area.



Congratulations to all of our graduate students who were recipients of the Dissertation Completion Award, Summer Grants, and Research Awards from the IB Department!







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