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Britt KoskellaAssistant Professor Britt Koskella received the American Society of Microbiology Young Investigator Award. The award recognizes and rewards three early career scientists for research excellence and potential in microbiology and infectious disease Rasmus NielsenProfessor Rasmus Nielsen was named a Raymond and Beverly Sackler Chair of Computational Biology at UC Berkeley. This award was established to support the work of an eminent UC Berkeley faculty member whose research interests build on and enhance new connections between biology and the engineering and/or physical sciences
Jonathon StillmanAssociate Adjunct Professor Jonathon Stillman received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Professional Development from San Francisco State University (SFSU). This award highlights exceptional faculty accomplishments and is given to one faculty member annually by the SFSU Academic Senate.






Congratulations to Leslea Hlusko and Rauri Bowie on their promotions to Full Professor and Seth Finnegan on his promotion to Associate Professor!


Adiel A. Klompmaker (Finnegan lab) received a Lerner-Gray grant to visit the American Museum of Natural History (NYC) to study the paleoecology and systematics of crustaceans from the Late Cretaceous cold seeps of South Dakota as well as a travel grant to act as a keynote speaker at the international symposium “Crustacea Through Time” in the Netherlands Gregory Owens (Nielsen lab) was recently awarded the Banting Fellowship—the highest postdoctoral fellowship awarded by the Canadian government (Photo: Sylvestre Photography).


Sara ElShafie (Padian lab) was awarded the Mary R. Dawson Predoctoral Fellowship Grant by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, which recognizes and supports graduate student research excellence and professional leadership. Aaron Pomerantz (Patel lab) received the Tinker Field Research Grant to support his field research at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama on Glasswing butterflies for his dissertation on the “Evolution and Development of Transparency in Lepidoptera”.
Nick Spano (Barnosky/Looy labs) received a Geological Society of America Graduate Student Research Grant with an outstanding mention to research how fungal spores in sediment records, originally in dung, could be used to identify large grazers through time.  





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