Below are news items from various sources about members of Integrative Biology and their research.
Tune in to The Graduates to hear about Oceanic plants in Hawaii! 04/11/2016
2016 I-House Annual Celebration & Awards Gala to Honor Dr. Marian Diamond and I-House Alumni Faculty of UC Berkeley 03/30/2016
Bromances may be good for men’s health 03/10/2016
Neurobiology: Rise of resilience 03/10/2016
IB Grad Student Competes in 2016 UC Grand Slam 03/04/2016
Brain scientist Marian Diamond subject of new documentary 02/29/2016
Worldwide bee epidemic linked to human cause: colony trafficking 02/11/2016
Cockroach Inspires Robot that Squeezes Through Cracks 02/09/2016
Enhancing the IB and MCB Undergraduate Experience at Cal 02/01/2016
Let them see you sweat: What new wearable sensors can reveal from perspiration 01/27/2016
South America’s white-sand forests: poorly known and under threat 01/26/2016
Humans began altering natural world 6,000 years ago 12/18/2015
CRISPR-Cas9 Helps Uncover Genetics of Exotic Organisms 12/10/2015
UC Awards Catalyze Interdisciplinary Research on Berkeley campus 12/09/2015
Dire Climate Forecast Inspires Upbeat Film About Solutions For a Warmer ‘Tomorrow’ 12/03/2015
The Surprising Benefits of Stress 11/23/2015
Congratulations Seth Finnegan on Becoming a Packard Fellow 10/15/2015
What Shapes Your Identity? Skin Color? A Surname? Or What’s in Your Fridge? 10/09/2015
Resurvey of 1802 Humboldt data featured in NPR Science Friday 10/09/2015
What the Inuit can tell us about omega-3 fats and ‘paleo’ diets 09/17/2015
Dudley Discovers Gliding Spiders 08/20/2015
Octopus Shows Unique Hunting and Social Behavior 08/13/2015
Dawson Elected Fellow of American Geophysical Union 07/29/2015
Genome Analysis Pinpoints Arrival and Spread of First Americans 07/22/2015
A Walk on the Wild (Edibles) Side 07/09/2015
Mishler Lab Featured on KQED Science 06/26/2015
Environment takes big hit from water-intensive marijuana cultivation 06/24/2015
Cockroach Robot Squeezes Though Cracks (Ugh!) 06/23/2015
Earth is on Track For a Mass Extinction, and Humans are to Blame, Study Says... 06/22/2015
Nielson Helps Identify 8,500-year-old Kennewick Man as Native American 06/19/2015