IB 299 Funds: Guidelines for Use

IB 299 Funds: Guidelines for Use

299 funds are department funds that are allocated to faculty laboratories to support graduate student research. The funds can be used for individual student research expenses, or to cover general lab expenses that support graduate student research. Faculty are responsible for establishing and communicating the policy on how the funds will be distributed and used in their lab.

Fund Allocation

Funds are allocated to each faculty member's lab on the basis of the number of active graduate students. Students who are withdrawn or on filing fee are not eligible. The funds are allocated as follows:

  • $100 per student in their 5th year or earlier
  • $  50 per student in their 6th year
  • $  0   per student in their 7th year or beyond
  • $200 for the lab as a whole for regular IB faculty

In cases where students are working with two regular IB faculty, the allocation will be assigned to the lab where the student is primarily physically present (if applicable) or will be split between the two labs. Where students are working with both regular and adjunct faculty, the full student allocation will go to the lab of the regular faculty.
Students working with faculty holding 0% appointments in IB will be provided the student allocation, but there will not be a laboratory allotment.
Allocation will normally be done at the start of the Fall semester, although labs with continuing qualifying students can spend funds for the new year beginning July 1.

Use of the Funds

Qualifying students and faculty can sign out supplies from the LSA or Barker Storerooms for the lab's 299 funds.

Monitoring of Expenses

  • Statements will be sent to faculty monthly.
  • Faculty should monitor the statements to assure that funds are spent appropriately and that the charges are correct.