IB Graduate Diversity Pilot Program

This project, spearheaded by Paul Fine, Rauri Bowie, Jaemin Lee, Lawrence Wang, and Jules Winters, was recently awarded $175,000 over four years to address the historical lack of diversity among STEM students. Funded by Berkeley’s Graduate Division, the program includes the following four initiatives: (1) a summer research program for advanced undergraduates from Berkeley’s Biology Scholars Program as well as Master’s degree students from the Cal State University system, with the intent of helping to prepare participants for admission to IB’s doctoral program, (2) a mentor training workshop/seminar for graduate students and faculty, (3) a collaboration with the Inclusion Design Group to improve departmental climate for faculty, lecturers, students, and staff, and (4) evaluation of departmental culture, including pre- and post-project surveys of faculty, lecturers, students, and staff, with emphasis on metrics of student success and satisfaction with the doctoral program in IB. Thanks to the project leaders for creating these opportunities!