Department Staff

Chiron Alston
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 642-9161chiron@berkeley.edu40 Giannini Hall
Derek Apodaca
Facilities Manager/Safety Officer: MCB & VLSB
(510) 642-2467dapodaca@berkeley.edu3072 VLSB
David Austin
Computing Support
(510) 664-4907david@ls.berkeley.edu549 LSA
Daniel Bass
Computing Support
(510) 643-5294dbass@berkeley.edu549 LSA
Denise Berry
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 642-7523dhberry@berkeley.edu40 Giannini
Tania Bettis
Lab Course Support
Brett A Boltz
Bio1B Lab Course Support
(510) 643-0448bboltz@berkeley.edu2002A VLSB
Sue Burchfield
510-664-9375sburch@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 228-11
Diona Cox
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 642-1014diona.cox@berkeley.edu40 Giannini Hall
Morgan Darby
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 642-1241mjdarby@berkeley.edu40 Giannini
Jeff Davenport
Shop Services
(510) 643-3983jdavenport@berkeley.eduLL59
Nicholas Dear
HR Partner
(510) 664-9629ncdear@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 318-50
Amber Dillon
Undergrad Student Services
(510) 643-7204amdillon@berkeley.edu3060 VLSB
Adam A. Doban
Building Operations
510-333-9523adoban@berkeley.edu3028 VLSB
Cheryl Drassinower
CSS HR/APS Service Delivery Manager
(510) 664-4130cheryljd@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street
Marie Dutton
Undergrad Student Services
Angelica Espinoza
HR Generalist
(510) 664-9624angelicae@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 318-48
Alicia Farre
Graduate Student Services
(510) 643-7330alicia.farre@berkeley.edu299 LSA
Bradley Fuchs
510-664-9328bfuchs@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 209-13
Lisa Gerick
Director of Administration and Operations
(510) 643-5909lgerick@berkeley.edu497 LSA
Natasha Gillooly
510-664-9378ngillooly@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 228-18
Elinor Gregorio
Undergrad Student Services
(510) 664-7012elinor@berkeley.edu3060 VLSB
Tanya Grimes Sullivan
Graduate Affairs Office (GAO) Manager
(510) 642-0944tsullivan@berkeley.edu397 LSA
Karin Hansen
Computing Support
khansen@berkeley.eduOff campus
Teresa Harlan
Academic Personnel
Emily Howard
510-664-9380emhoward@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 228-20
Katie Hudson
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 644-9421khudson@berkeley.edu40F Giannini Hall
Deby Johns
Seminar Support
(510) 643-5524djohns@berkeley.edu399 LSA
Gwendolyn J Johnson
Course Scheduling
(510) 642-5130gwen@berkeley.edu2083 VLSB
Shavecca A. Keels
Seminar Support
(510) 664-4904shavecca@berkeley.edu399 LSA
Cindy Kennon
CSS HR/APS Service Delivery Supervisor
(510) 664-9646ckennon@berkeley.edu1608 4th Street, 320
Jessica Kongthong
Undergraduate Affairs Office (UAO) Manager
(510) 643-7473jesskt@berkeley.edu3060D VLSB
Shannon Kotter
HR Business Partner
(510) 664-9627shannonkotter@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 318-51
Rosa Lewandowski
Director's Assistant
(510) 643-3406rlewando@berkeley.edu497 LSA
Jill Marchant
Lab Course Support
(510) 642-3549jillm@berkeley.edu3018 VLSB
Tamara L. Mau
Lab Course Support
(510) 642-3549tmau@berkeley.edu3018 VLSB
Michelle Mitchell
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 643-7630mmitchell@berkeley.edu40 Giannini Hall
Linda Moran
Business Services Manager
(510) 643-8127ljmf@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Mike Moser
Bio IB Academic Coordinator
(510) 642-8123mmoser@berkeley.edu2015 VLSB
David Murphy
Purchasing Manager
510-664-9385dmurphy@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 228-26
Mellani Nolan
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 642-2192mellani_nolan@berkeley.edu40 Giannini Hall
Alana (Nolan) Silva
Academic Personnel Analyst
(510) 643-5125anolan@berkeley.edu3040C VLSB
Carole Page
Departmental Accounting serving IB, MCB and BDS
(510) 643-9987cpage@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Matt Paul
Computing Support
(510) 664-4906mattpaul@berkeley.edu549 LSA
Veronica Potts
HR Business Partner
(510) 664-9628vlpotts@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 318-49
Joshua Povich
Lab Course Support
povich@berkeley.edu2002 VLSB
Linden Schneider
Instructional Support, Technical Facilities
(510) 643-4772; (510) 642-3549lmschneider@berkeley.edu3018 VLSB
Soo Shin
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 642-1174soo.shin@berkeley.edu40 Giannini Hall, 40-10
Laura Slakey
Program Manager, Biology Scholars Program
(510) 642-6227lslakey@berkeley.edu2075 VLSB
Annie Viveier
Academic Personnel
(510) 664-7085anniev@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Kristen Vogt
HR Generalist
(510) 664-4089klvogt@berkeley.edu1608 Fourth Street, 318-47
Jill Walters
HR Partner
(510) 664-9625j.walters@berkeley.edu1608 4th St.
Mary Catherine (MC) Watten
Academic Personnel Analyst
(510) 642-0844marycate@berkeley.edu3040 VLSB
Joyce Wong
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 643-6878joycew@berkeley.edu40 Giannini Hall
Cherry Yalung
Research Administration and EFA Accounting
(510) 642-1246cyalung@berkeley.edu40 Gianinni
Cheryl Yancey
510-642-7669cherylyancey@berkeley.edu1005 VLSB