Faculty | Lecturers | Emeriti and Professors of the Graduate School


David Ackerly
Dean of Rausser College of Natural Resources and Professor
(510) 664-7868dackerly@berkeley.edu4004 VLSB
Doris Bachtrog
(510) 325-9547dbachtrog@berkeley.edu4153A VLSB
Annaliese Beery
Associate Professor
(510) 859-7224abeery@berkeley.edu4098 VLSB
George E. Bentley
(510) 642-1530gb7@berkeley.eduGL-21 Koshland Hall
Benjamin Blackman
Associate Professor
(510) 664-7807bkblackman@berkeley.edu361 Koshland Hall
Mike Boots
Co-Chair of Integrative Biology, Marthella Foskett Brown Chair in Biological Sciences, and Professor
mboots@berkeley.edu5017 VLSB
*Rauri C.K. Bowie
Virginia & Robert Gill Chair in Natural History and Professor
(510) 643-1617bowie@berkeley.edu3192A Valley Life Sciences Building
George A. Brooks
(510) 642-2861gbrooks@berkeley.edu5101A VLSB
Thomas J. Carlson
Teaching Professor
(510) 643-3864tcarlson@berkeley.edu1098 VLSB
Todd E. Dawson
(510) 642-6090tdawson@berkeley.edu4006 VLSB
Robert Dudley
(510) 642-1555wings@berkeley.edu5018 VLSB
Ivo Duijnstee
Assistant Adjunct Professor
(510) 642-1607duijnstee@berkeley.edu4101 VLSB
Michael B. Eisen
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Raymond & Beverly Sackler Chair in Computational Biology, and Professor of Genetics, Genomics, Evolution, and Development
(510) 666-3639mbeisen@berkeley.edu151A Koshland Hall
Moisés Expósito-Alonso
(Starts January 1, 2024) Howard Hughes Medical Institute Freeman Hrabowski Scholar and Assistant Professor
moiexpositoalonso@berkeley.edu4115 VLSB
Paul V.A. Fine
(510) 642-7690paulfine@berkeley.edu4014 VLSB
Seth Finnegan
Associate Professor
(510) 664-9916sethf@berkeley.edu5151A VLSB
*Robert J. Full
(510) 642-9896rjfull@berkeley.edu5128 VLSB
*tyrone B. hayes
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Judy Chandler Webb Distinguished Chair for Innovative Teaching and Research, and Professor
(510) 643-1055tyrone@berkeley.edu5186 VLSB
John Huelsenbeck
McCreight Chancellor’s Chair in Computational Biology and Professor
(510) 502-5887johnh@berkeley.edu4161 VLSB
Daniela Kaufer
Associate Dean, Class of 1943 Memorial Chair, and Professor
(510) 642-9346danielak@berkeley.edu450 Li Ka Shing Center
Britt Koskella
Associate Professor
(510) 664-7512bkoskella@berkeley.edu5099A VLSB
Lance Kriegsfeld
kriegsfeld@berkeley.edu71A Koshland
*Eileen A. Lacey
Co-Chair of Integrative Biology, Class of 1933 Chair in Biological Sciences, and Professor
(510) 643-0284ealacey@berkeley.edu3101 VLSB
Juan Liu
Assistant Adjunct Professor
liujuan@berkeley.edu5112 VLSB
Lúcia Lohmann
Cindy Looy
(510) 642-1607looy@berkeley.edu4101 VLSB
Charles Marshall
Philip Sandford Boone Chair in Paleontology and Distinguished Professor
crmarshall@berkeley.edu5054 VLSB (but enter via 5056)
Christopher Martin
Associate Professor
chmartin@berkeley.edu3186 VLSB
Jimmy A. McGuire
(510) 316-6201mcguirej@berkeley.edu3112 VLSB
Brent D. Mishler
(510) 642-6810bmishler@berkeley.edu4164 VLSB
Michael Nachman
(510) 642-1792mnachman@berkeley.edu3101 VLSB
Rasmus Nielsen
Trevor J. McMinn Endowed Professor and Professor
(510) 643-4993rasmus_nielsen@berkeley.edu4153C VLSB
Daniel Okamoto
(Starts January 1, 2024) Assistant Professor
Onja Razafindratsima
Assistant Professor
onja@berkeley.edu5085 VLSB
Carl Rothfels
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Michael Shapira
Associate Professor
(510) 643-2579mshapira@berkeley.edu5155 VLSB
Michal Shuldman
Teaching Assistant Professor
Jonathon Stillman
Adjunct Professor
jstillman@berkeley.edu5041 VLSB
Peter Sudmant
Assistant Professor
(510) 664-4700psudmant@berkeley.edu4112 VLSB
Rebecca Tarvin
Assistant Professor
(510) 642-0308rdtarvin@berkeley.edu3120 VLSB
Frederic Theunissen
(510) 643-1531theunissen@berkeley.edu3210 Tolman Hall
Jack Tseng
Associate Professor
510-664-4193zjt@berkeley.edu5002 VLSB
José Pablo Vázquez-Medina
Assistant Professor
(510) 664-5063jpv-m@berkeley.edu5048B VLSB
Noah Whiteman
whiteman@berkeley.edu321A Weill
Caroline Williams
John L. and Margaret B. Gompertz Chair and Associate Professor
(510) 643-9775cmw@berkeley.eduVLSB 5120


Irina Krylova
Teaching Recall
ikrylova@berkeley.edu3049 VLSB
Lisa Margerum
Continuing Lecturer
lamargerum@berkeley.edu3049 VLSB
Helian Ratsirarson
Continuing Lecturer
hratsirarson@berkeley.edu3049 VLSB
Andrew Rush
Continuing Lecturer
arush@berkeley.edu3049 VLSB
Alan Shabel
Continuing Lecturer
(510) 642-2917shabel@berkeley.edu1114 VLSB
Julie A. Woodruff
Continuing Lecturer
woodjace@berkeley.edu3049 VLSB

Emeriti and Professors of the Graduate School

Bruce Baldwin
Professor Emeritus
(510) 643-7008bbaldwin@berkeley.edu1001 VLSB
Anthony D. Barnosky
Professor Emeritus
(510) 643-6275barnosky@berkeley.edu5002 VLSB
Roy L. Caldwell
Professor of the Graduate School
(510) 642-1391rlcaldwell@berkeley.edu5003 VLSB
Carole S. Hickman
Professor of the Graduate School
(510) 642-3429caroleh@berkeley.edu1110 VLSB
Leslea Hlusko
Professor Emerita
(510) 643-8838hlusko@berkeley.edu5085 VLSB
Patrick Kirch
Professor Emeritus
Mimi R. Koehl
Professor of the Graduate School
(510) 642-8103cnidaria@berkeley.edu4116 VLSB
Steven Lehman
Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-5893slehman@berkeley.edu5112 VLSB
Paul Licht
Professor Emeritus
(510) 643-8999plicht@berkeley.eduUC Bot. Garden
David R. Lindberg
Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-3926drl@berkeley.edu5110 VLSB
Jere H. Lipps
Professor of the Graduate School
Charles S Nicoll
Professor Emeritus
(707) 274-2616Withheld
Kevin Padian
Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-7434kpadian@berkeley.edu5099 VLSB
*James L. Patton
Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-3567patton@berkeley.edu3101 VLSB
Thomas (Zack) Powell
Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-7455zackp@berkeley.edu5048B VLSB
Mary E. Power
Professor of the Graduate School
(510) 643-7776mepower@berkeley.edu4184 VLSB
Thelma E Rowell
Professor Emeritus
Ellen L. Simms
Professor Emeritus
510-847-5770esimms@berkeley.edu4096 VLSB
Montgomery Slatkin
Professor Emeritus
(510) 643-6300slatkin@berkeley.edu4155 VLSB
Wayne P Sousa
Professor of the Graduate School
(510) 642-2435wpsousa@berkeley.edu4181 VLSB
Glenys J. Thomson
Professor Emerita
(510) 642-7025glenys@berkeley.edu5190 VLSB
Marvalee H. Wake
Professor of the Graduate School
(510) 642-4743mhwake@berkeley.edu5182 VLSB
Donald P. Weston
Adjunct Professor Emeritus
dweston@berkeley.eduRichmond Field Sta
Tim D. White
Distinguished Professor in Life and Physical Sciences and Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-2889timwhite@berkeley.edu5098 VLSB
Irving Zucker
Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-7136irvzuck@berkeley.edu3129 Tolman


* - Recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award