Declaration of the major is now an online process. The old planning forms are now obsolete. Use the checksheet to discuss with a peer advisor, or develop a plan before logging on to declare the major.

Research Forms

  • IB 99 (1-3 units):
  • IB 191 (3 units):
    • This is a letter-graded option for declared majors in Integrative Biology, who are conducting advanced research.
    • May be repeated once, for a total of 6 units.
    • 3 units will automatically be counted toward elective units within the major. 
  • IB 199 (1-4 units):
    • Used for students with 60 units or more on their transcript, who have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.
    • Does not always require original research.
  • IB H196A & H196B (3 units):
  • IB 197 (1-4 units):
    • Used for students conducting research off campus. 

Other Documents

  • IB 194 (1-3 units):
    • Used for students who are facilitating a DeCal or a UGSI for an IB course.