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Current Lab Members

at SFSU & Berkeley

Jonathon Stillman

Professor of Biology @ SFSU
Adjunct Professor of Integrative Biology @ UC Berkeley
Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences

Jonathon earned his BS at the University of Minnesota, working with Frank Barnwell, and earned his PhD with George Somero at Oregon State University. Prior to his current positions at SFSU and Berkeley, he held a one-year professorship at Occidental College, and was a tenure-track professor at the University of Hawaii for two years. He is also currently a guest professor at the University of Basel Switzerland.

Cesar Estrada Aguila

MS Student @ SFSU

Cesar earned his BS at California State University Stanislaus working with Dr. Jennifer Cooper. Previous research includes working on fresh water ecology with invertabrates and behaviral ecology with California ground squrriels. Began MS in Marine Biology at San Franisco State Univeristy in Fall 2020. Reseach interest include ecology, animal behavior, physiology, and evolution with regards to climate change and other evnironmental disturbances. He presented his research at the 2022 SICB meeting, as well as SACNAS 2021

Jessenia Suarez

MS Student @ SFSU

Jessenia earned her BS at San Francisco State University where she worked with NERR scientists on invasive species. She is interested in marine ecophysiology in a global climate change context. For her MS Thesis, she is working on a RNA-seq dataset to examine interactive effects of temperature and salinity variation.

Eric Coyle

MS Student @ SFSU

Eric is interested in the ecophysiology of amphibians and invertebrates. He has been working on two projects, one involving metabolic and behavioral response of larval salamanders to temperature, sedimentation and predator presence, and another involving thermal tolerance of pacific mole crabs in response to microplastics and parasite loads.

Joe Holdreith

MS Student @ SFSU

Joe graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a BS of Environmental Science. He is interested in herpetological conservation in the context of environmental disturbance and urbanization at SF State. His previous research experiences include studying the relationship between endophytic fungi and the resilience of host plants in the face of adverse environmental conditions, working on a flax breeding project aimed at increasing the yield of fibers, flowers, and seed while providing ecosystem services, and working on the Minnesota Bee Atlas project surveying wood and stem nesting bees across MN. Outside of school, he enjoys skateboarding and cooking.

Alexis Hooper

MS Student @ SFSU

Alexis graduated from UC Santa Cruz where she engaged in projects with Kristy Kroeker's research group, including a field experience in Sitka Alaska. Her interests are in the environmental physiology of marine coastal invertebrates.

Loni Matthew

Undergraduate Student @ SFSU

Loni is a junior and is in pursuit of her Bachelor's in Marine Biology. She is passionate about doing research and is assisting with projects in the lab as well as pursuing an independent research project on the effects of microplastics on mole crab burrowing performance. She presented her research at the 2022 SICB Meeting.

Michelle Torres Tapia

Undergraduate Student @ SFSU

Michelle is in her third year at San Francisco State University and is in pursuit of her Bachelor’s in Biology (physiology). She is interested in animal behavior, communication, and physiological changes due to environmental factors.

Lab Alumni:

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  • Adam Paganini
  • Chelsea Chen
  • Jane Winhall-Rice

Visiting Scientists

  • Piero Calosi
  • Brent Sinclair
  • Sam Dupont
  • Vincent Leignel
  • Mudasir Andrabi
  • Trevor Alaurent
  • Melanie Schiffer