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Current Lab Members

at SFSU & Berkeley

Jonathon Stillman

Professor of Biology @ SFSU
Adjunct Professor of Integrative Biology @ UC Berkeley
Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences

Jonathon earned his BS at the University of Minnesota, working with Frank Barnwell, and earned his PhD with George Somero at Oregon State University. Prior to his current positions at SFSU and Berkeley, he held a one-year professorship at Occidental College, and was a tenure-track professor at the University of Hawaii for two years. He is also currently a guest professor at the University of Basel Switzerland.

Emily King


Emily completed her BS in Marine Science at CSU Monterey Bay where she worked on several ecophysiology projects on fish and crabs. Her PhD dissertation work at UC Berkeley focuses on the physiological traits and interactions that allow the New Zealand mud snail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum) to be widely invasive in the Bay Area. Emily also works to support undergraduate success through teaching, mentoring and scholarship.

Florence "Flo" Fields

MS Student @ SFSU

Flo earned her BS in Biology from Saint Augustine’s University, where she was also a student athlete in track & field. Her main research interest involves the genetics, physiology and molecular biology of marine organisms, the effects of climate change on marine organisms and their habitats and species interaction with the biotic and abiotic environment.

Jeremiah Ets-Hokin

MS Student @ SFSU

Jeremiah earned his BS in Marine Biology and a minor in scientfic diving at Humboldt State University. His research has focused on themes of ocean acidification and near shore subtidal ecology along the California coast.

Cesar Estrada Aguila

MS Student @ SFSU

Cesar earned his BS at California State University Stanislaus working with Dr. Jennifer Cooper. Previous research includes working on fresh water ecology with invertabrates and behaviral ecology with California ground squrriels. Began MS in Marine Biology at San Franisco State Univeristy in Fall 2020. Reseach interest include ecology, animal behavior, physiology, and evolution with regards to climate change and other evnironmental disturbances.

Moena Ulrich

MS Student @ University of Basel, Switzerland

Moena completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Basel, during which time she engaged in a research project with Dr. Stillman in Dr. Dieter Ebert's laboratory on the heat tolerance of the freshwater microcrustacean Daphnia magna. Moena had so much fun that she decided to pursue a MS degree under the joint supervision of Dr. Stillman and Dr. Ebert. She is exploring the relationship between heat tolerance, metabolic rate, swimming behavior, and life history traits in a "Diversity Panel" consisting of Daphnia magna collected from sites around the world.

Loni Matthew

Undergraduate Student @ SFSU

Loni is a junior and is in pursuit of her Bachelor's in Marine Biology. She is passionate about doing research and is assisting with projects in the lab.

Lab Alumni:

Fledged, but not forgotten

Undergraduates (years in lab)


  • Adam Paganini
  • Chelsea Chen
  • Jane Winhall-Rice

Visiting Scientists

  • Piero Calosi
  • Brent Sinclair
  • Sam Dupont
  • Vincent Leignel
  • Mudasir Andrabi
  • Trevor Alaurent
  • Melanie Schiffer