Citizen Science

We bring people to the field so they experience the habitat we study firsthand.

Schoolgroups experiencing the intertidal zone.

Science Communication

We bring science to the public through lectures and writings.

The Stillman Lab presents their research to the community at public forums.


The Stillman Lab Values Diversity and Strives for Equity and Inclusion

The Stillman Laboratory is committed to being a safe, supportive, and anti-racist environment in which students from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, sexuality, socio-economic, and other backgrounds are equally and inclusively supported in their education and training. We strive to eliminate unconscious biases, micro-agressions, and other forms of unintended discrimination through sustained communication, empathy, continuous learning and understanding.

The Stillman Laboratory is a safe and supportive environment for students from all walks of life. We provide excellent training and resources to enhance the professional opportunities of those from underrepresented minority groups.
Please click the icon to read the Stillman Laboratory's anti-racism statement: mage

Here are a collection of resources intended to provide support for anyone wishing to learn more about how to be an anti-racist or for those seeking help in coping with psychological trauma of racism:
A listing of SFSU official anti-racism statements: . A list of anti-racist resources (readings, videos), groups to follow, and places to donate curated by the UC Berkeley campus. .
Professional communities for scientists of color: ABRCMS & SACNAS, and additional resources from universities around the country: Fordham University, UC Davis, and UCLA.
The #ShutDownStem and #BlackLivesMatter sites also have a great collection of resources.

University Service

We improve SFSU & Berkeley in the following ways:

At SFSU, Dr. Stillman serves as a College of Science and Engineering representative on the Academic Senate.

At UC Berkeley, Dr. Stillman has helped to promote the Gump Laboratory.

Community Service

We reach out to the community in multiple ways

We participate in Discovery Day at the Estuary & Ocean Science Center

Hands-on presentations of marine science at schools, zoos, and public science spaces

We are available to speak to your group of students of any age. For a broader range out our community outreach activities, please click here.

Professional Service

We support professional societies and networks

Dr. Stillman has been actively engaged in the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB), including as an officer in the Division of Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, an organizer of many symposia and workshops at SICB meetings, and as an author of "Grand Challenges in Comparative Biology" white papers (Mykles et al 2010, Stillman et al 2011).

He is also on the advisory board for the Animal Genome to Phenome Research Coordination Network (

Dr. Stillman serves on the editorial board of the journal Physiological and Biochemical Zoology (, and reviews manuscripts for many journals.

National service

We serve our national science efforts

Dr. Stillman regularly serves on review and advisory panels at the National Science Foundation.