Dr. Wayne P. Sousa, Principal Investigator

I supervised or co-supervised 31 Ph.D. and 3 MA students during my 44 years on the Berkeley faculty.  They are listed chronologically below (last to first) with their dissertation or thesis title, degree year, current positions (as of September 2021), and links to their websites or LinkedIn pages.


Lab Member's Research Sites Map

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Lab Alumni

Lindsey Hendricks-Franco, PhD 2020 

Post-fire succession of plants and soils in chaparral shrublands: the role of ephemeral herbs and mammalian herbivores 

Current Position: Education Manager Europe for Newton Room, based in Berlin, Germany

Linkedin site: 

Audrey Haynes, PhD 2020 

Ecology and physiology of parasitic plants 

Current Position: Data Scientist at the Twilio Company, San Francisco, CA

Linkedin site: 

Rosemary Romero, PhD 2018

(co-advised with David Lindberg)

Population dynamics of green tide macroalgae in the central San Francisco Bay

Current Position: Environmental Scientist, Klamath Watershed Program, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Yreka, CA

Linkedin site:

Richelle Tanner, PhD 2018

(co-advised with Jonathon Stillman)

Thermal tolerance plasticity of the eelgrass sea hare in a changing climate

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, Chapman University, Orange, CA

Richelle’s websites: Research Lab | Chapman University | California (

Madison Dipman, MA 2017

MA by examination

Current Position: Associate, Arnold & Porter Law, Los Angeles, CA; specialization in environmental law

Linkedin site: 

David Armitage, PhD 2016

Microbes in time: incorporating bacteria into ecosystem development theory

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Integrative Community Ecology Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Dave’s website: 

Hiromi Uno, PhD 2016

(co-advised with Mary Power)

Spatial and temporal linkage of stream-riparian food webs by seasonal migration of mayfly Ephemerella maculate

Current Position: JSPS Cross-border Postdoctoral fellow, Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

Hiromi’s website: 

Arielle Halpern, PhD 2016

Prescribed fire and tanoak (Nololithocarpus densiflora) associated cultural plant resources of the Karuk and Yurok Peoples of California

Current Position: Program Manager, Sealaska Heritage Institute, Juneau, AK

Linkedin site:

Emily Dangremond, PhD 2013

Biotic and abiotic factors constraining the distribution and abundance of the rare mangrove Pelliciera rhizophorae in Panama

 Current Position: Lead Technical Writer, Wildlife Works, Mill Valley, CA (based in Burlington, VT)

Emily’s website: 

Linkedin site:

Brody Sandel, PhD 2010

Invasibility, diversity and scale-dependence. Focusing on invasion into California coastal grasslands

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Brody’s website: 

Jennifer Skene, PhD 2009

The ecology of the intertidal alga Pelvetiopsis limitata: implications of climate change

Current Position: Product Manager, Google, Bellingham, WA

Jen’s website:

Linkedin site:

Andrea Swei, PhD 2009

(co-advised with Cheryl Briggs) 

Influence of spatial heterogeneity and vertebrate species assemblage on the ecology and risk of Lyme disease in the far-western United States

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Biology, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

Andrea’s website:

Joel Abraham, PhD 2008

(co-advised with Carla D’Antonio)

On the importance of plant phenology and resource use in the invasion of California coastal grasslands

Current Position: Professor, Department of Biology, California State University, Fullerton, CA and Director of the Catalyst Center for research in STEM teaching and learning

Joel’s websites:

 Margaret Metz, PhD 2007

Spatiotemporal variation in seedling dynamics and the maintenance of diversity in an Amazonian forest

Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

Margaret’s website: 

Rebecca Lutzy, M.A. 2006

(co-advised with Ellen Simms)

MA by examination

Recent position: PhD student at Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, NJ.  Dissertation research focused on federal climate and clean energy policies.

Peter Kennedy, PhD 2005

(co-advised with Tom Bruns)

Ecological factors affecting forest encroachment into coastal California grasslands

Current position: Professor, Departments of Plant and Microbial Biology and Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Peter’s website:

Meredith Thomsen, PhD 2005

(co-advised with Carla D’Antonio)

Ecological resistance, propagule supply and the invasion of California coastal prairie by the European grass Holcus lanatus L. 

Current Position: Professor, Department of Biology, and Dean of Graduate and Extended Learning, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, WI

Meredith’s website: 

Jodi McGraw, PhD 2004

The interacting effects of natural disturbances and competition with exotic plant species on native plants in sandhills habitat of central coastal California

Current Position: Principal Ecologist, Jodi McGraw Consulting, Freedom CA

Jodi’s website: 

Neil Hausmann, PhD 2004

(co-advised with T. Dawson)

On the adaptive role of water use efficiency in plant drought response

Current Position: Senior Program Officer at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, WA

Linkedin site:

Doris Vidal, PhD 2001

(co-advised with A. Horne) 

Tolerance and adaptation of aquatic oligochaetes to mercury contamination

Current position: Senior Consultant, VDA LCS Consulting Services, Costa Mesa, CA

Linkedin site: 

Mary F. Poteet, PhD 2001

Effects of disturbance on host-parasite interactions: a case study involving the Pacific giant salamander

Current position: Lecturer and Assistant Professor of Practice in geological and natural sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Mary’s website: 

Jonathan M. Levine, PhD 2000

(co-advised with C. D'Antonio)

Ecological determinants and consequences of plant species diversity along a California stream

Current position: Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University, NJ

 Jonathan’s website: 

Mary G. Gleason, Ph.D. 1994

Factors influencing the recovery of coral after natural disturbance on reefs in Moorea, French Polynesia

Most recent position: Director of Science (Retired), California Oceans Team, The Nature Conservancy, Monterey, CA

Linkedin site: 

Peter M. Kotanen, PhD 1994

Revegetation of meadows disturbed by feral pigs (Sus scrofa L.) in Mendocino County, California

Current position: Professor, Departments of Biology, University of Toronto, Mississauga, Canada and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Peter’s website: 

Stuart K. Allison, PhD 1991

Variation in response to a continuum of stress and disturbance in a salt marsh plant assemblage

 Current position: Professor, Department of Biology, Knox College, Galesburg, IL

Stuart’s websites:; 

Edwin D. Grosholz, PhD 1990

The population dynamics of terrestrial isopods and an iridescent virus

Current position: Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of California, Davis, CA

Ted’s website: 

H. Elizabeth Braker, PhD 1986

(co-advised with H. Rowell and R. Colwell)

Host plant relationships of the neotropical grasshopper Microtylopteryx hebardi Rehn (Acrididae: Omnatolampinae)

Current position: Professor, Department of Biology, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

Beth’s website: 

Ilze K. Berzins, PhD 1985

(co-advised with R. Caldwell) 

The dynamics of beach wrack invertebrate communities: an evaluation of habitat use patterns

Current position: Clinical veterinarian, All Paws Animal Hospital, Saint Louis Park, MN, and aquatic animal health consultant for One Water, One Health, LLC.

Linkedin site:   

Jane A. Sherfy, PhD 1985


Aspects of the foraging behavior of the painted ghost crab (Ocypode gaudichaudii): the influence of density-dependent agonistic interactions, predation, and reproductive biology.

Beth Okamura, PhD 1984

(co-advised with M. Koehl) 

Functional and ecological consequences of aggregation and coloniality in benthic, marine suspension feeders

Current position: Merit researcher, Natural History Museum, Life Sciences, U.K.

Beth’s website: 

Peter H. Pressley, PhD. 1983

The evolution of hermaphrodism in coral reef fishes

Current position: Owner & software engineer, Pressley Consulting, Inc., Ketchum, ID

Company website:

M. Kimberly Smith, PhD 1983

Some ecological determinants of the growth and survival of juvenile penaeid shrimp Penaus setiferus (Linnaeus) in Terminos Lagoon, Campeche, Mexico, with special attention to the role of population density

Current position: unknown

Catherine E. Halversen, M.A. 1982

Habitat selection and other aspects of the ecology of some tidepool sculpins

Most recent position: Co-director for Marine Activities, Resources, and Education (Retired), Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Catherine’s bio:

James M. Watanabe, PhD 1982

Aspects of community organization in a temperate kelp forest habitat: factors influencing the bathymetric segregation of three species of herbivorous gastropods

Most recent position: Lecturer in Marine Ecology and Invertebrate Zoology (Retired), Hopkins Marine Laboratory, Stanford University, Pacific Grove, CA

Jim’s website on Nearshore Plands and Animals of Monterey Bay:

Jim's seminar on his 40 years of Monterey Bay kelp forest research: James Watanabe Presents: Up Down and Sideways: 4 Decades in a Monterey Kelp Forest - YouTube