Selected Publications


Compost microcosms as microbially diverse natural-like environments for microbiome research in C. elegans.
Trang, K., Bodkhe, R. and Shapira, M.
Journal of Visualized Experiments 187: (2022) Abstract | Article
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Host Preference of Beneficial Commensals in a Microbially-Diverse Environment
Olga M Pérez-Carrascal, Rebecca Choi, Méril Massot, Barbara Pees, Vivek Narayan and Michael Shapira
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 12: 795343 (2022) Abstract | Article



mir-71 mediates age-dependent opposing contributions of the stress-activated kinase KGB-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans
Cyrus Ruediger, Siavash Karimzadegan, Sonya Lin, Michael Shapira
Genetics (2021) Abstract | Article



Interactions with a Complex Microbiota Mediate a Trade-Off between the Host Development Rate and Heat Stress Resistance
Samuel Slowinski, Isabella Ramirez, Vivek Narayan, Medha Somayaji, Maya Para, Sarah Pi, Niharika Jadeja, Siavash Karimzadegan, Barbara Pees and Michael Shapira
Microorganisms 8: 1781 (2020) Abstract | Article
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CeMbio - The Caenorhabditis elegans Microbiome Resource
Philipp Dirksen, Adrien Assié, Johannes Zimmermann, Fan Zhang, Adina-Malin Tietje, Sarah Arnaud Marsh, Marie-Anne Félix, Michael Shapira, Christoph Kaleta, Hinrich Schulenburg, Buck Samuel
G3 (2020) Abstract | Article
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Extra-intestinal regulation of the gut microbiome: The case of C. elegans TGFβ/SMA signalling
Rebecca Choi, Dan Kim, Stacy Li, Meril Massot, Vivek Narayan, Samuel Slowinski, Hinrich Schulenburg, Michael Shapira
Book chapter in Cellular Dialogues in the Holobiont, in press (2020)
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TGFβ/BMP signaling determines abundance and contributions of C. elegans gut commensals
Maureen Berg, David Monnin, Juhyun Cho, Lydia Nelson, Alex Crits-Christoph, and Michael Shapira
Nature Communications 10(1): 604 (2019) Abstract | Article



Integration of Stress Signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans Through Cell Non-autonomous Contributions of the JNK Homolog KGB-1
Limeng Liu, Cyrus Ruediger and Michael Shapira
Genetics 210(4): 1317-1328 (2018) Abstract | Article



Caenorhabditis elegans as a Model for Microbiome Research
Zhang F, Berg M, Dierking K, Félix MA, Shapira M, Samuel BS, Schulenberg H.
Frontiers in Microbiology 8: 485 (2017) Abstract | Article


Host-microbiota interactions in Caenorhabditis elegans and their significance
Shapira, M.
Current Opinion in Microbiology 38: 142-147 (2017) Abstract | Article


Adaptation from Within or from Without: A Reply to Rodrigo et al.
Shapira, M.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 32(2): 85 (2017) Abstract | Article



FOS-1 functions as a transcriptional activator downstream of the C. elegans JNK homolog KGB-1
Zhang Z, Liu L, Twumasi-Boateng K, Block DH, Shapira M.
Cell Signal (2016) Abstract


Host-Specific Functional Significance of Caenorhabditis Gut Commensals
Berg M, Zhou XY, Shapira M.
Frontiers in Microbiology 7: 1622 (2016) Abstract | Article


Gut Microbiotas and Host Evolution: Scaling Up Symbiosis
Shapira, M.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 31(7): 539-549 (2016) Abstract | Article


The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans survives subfreezing temperatures in an isochoric system
Mikus H, Miller A, Nastase G, Serban A, Shapira M, Rubinsky B
Biochem Biophys Res Commun 477(3): 410-405 (2016) Abstract | Article


Assembly of the Caenorhabditis elegans gut microbiota from diverse soil microbial environments
Berg M, Stenuit B, Ho J, Wang A, Parke C, Knight M, Alvarez-Cohen L, Shapira M.
ISME J 10(8): 1998-2009 (2016) Abstract | Article



The Developmental Intestinal Regulator ELT-2 Controls p38-Dependent Immune Responses in Adult C. elegans
Block DH, Twumasi-Boateng K, Kang HS, Carlisle JA, Hanganu A, Lai TY, Shapira M.
Plos Genetics 11(5): e1005265 (2015) Abstract | Article


GATA transcription factors as tissue-specific master regulators for induced responses
Block, D.H. and Shapira, M.
Worm 4(4): e1118607 (2015) Abstract | Article



Automated separation of C. elegans variably colonized by a bacterial pathogen
Twumasi-Boateng, K., Berg, M., and Shapira, M
J Vis Exp Mar 21: 85 (2014) Abstract | Article



Association with soil bacteria enhances p38-dependent infection resistance in C. elegans
Montalvo-Katz, S., Huang, H. Appel, M.D., Berg, M. and Shapira, M
Infection and Immunity 81(2): 514-20 (2013) Abstract | Article



An age-dependent reversal in the protective capacities of JNK signaling shortens C. elegans lifespan
Twumasi-Boateng, K., Wang, T., Tsai, L., Lee, K.L., Salehpour, A., Bhat, S., Tan, M.W. and Shapira, M.
Aging Cell 11(4): 659-67 (2012) Abstract | Article


Dissociation of immune responses from pathogen colonization supports pattern recognition in C. elegans
Twumasi-Boateng, K. and Shapira, M.
Plos ONE 7(4): e35400 (2012) Abstract | Article



Genetic and molecular analysis of nematode-microbe interactions
Tan, M.W. and Shapira, M.
Cell Microbiol 11(4): 497-507 (2011) Abstract | Article



Stress effects on immunity in vertebrates and invertebrates. In Stress: from molecules to behavior. A comprehensive analysis of the neurobiology of stress responses
Shapira M.
Book. Wiley Publishing (2010)



Genetic analysis of C. elegans innate immunity
Shapira, M. and Tan, M.W.
Methods in Molecular Biology 415: 429-42 (2008) Abstract | Article



C. elegans pgp-5 is involved in resistance to bacterial infection and heavy metal and its regulation requires TIR-1 and a p38 MAP kinase cascade
Kurz, C.L., Shapira, M., Chen, K., Baillie, D.L. and Tan, M.W.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 363(2): 438-43 (2007) Abstract | Article



A conserved role for a GATA transcription factor in regulating epithelial innate immune responses
Shapira, M. Hamlin, B.J., Rong, J., Chen, K., Ronen, M. and Tan, M.W.
PNAS 103: 14086-14091 (2006) Abstract | Article



Disruption of yeast forkhead-associated cell cycle transcription by oxidative stress
Shapira, M. Segal, E. and Botstein, D.
Mol. Biol. Cell 15: 5659-5669 (2004) | Article



Module Networks: Discovering Regulatory Modules and their Condition Specific Regulators from Gene Expression Data
Segal, E., Shapira, M., Regev, A., Pe’er, D., Botstein, D., Koller, D and Friedman, N.
Nature Genetics 34(2): 166-176 (2003) Abstract



Changes in neuronal acetylcholinesterase gene expression and division of labor in honey bee colonies
Shapira, M, Thompson, C.K., Soreq, H. and Robinson, G.
J Mol Neurosc 17: 1-12 (2001) Abstract | Article



A transcription-activating polymorphism in the ACHE promoter associated with acute sensitivity to anti-acetylcholinesterases
Shapira, M., Tur-Kaspa, I., Bosgraaf, L., Livni, N., Grant, A.D., Grisaru, D., Korner, M., Ebstein, R.P. and Soreq, H.
Hum Mol Gen 9(9): 1273-81 (2000) Abstract | Article



Transgenic engineering of neuromuscular junctions in Xenopus laevis embryos transiently overexpressing key cholinergic proteins
Shapira, M., Seidman, S., Sternfeld, M., Timberg, R., Kaufer, D., Patrick J. and Soreq, H
PNAS 91: 9072-6 (1994) | Article