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The Shapira lab is looking for a new postdoc to study changes in microbiome composition and function during aging

Please contact Michael with a CV

The Shapira lab will be accepting new graduate students in 2021/2022. 

The Shapira lab accepts PhD candidates either through the department of Integrative Biology (direct application), or through the Graduate Group in Microbiology (GGM). Potential candidates should contact Michael Shapira in advance (with a CV and a few sentences about yourself and your research interests). We are seeking individuals who are intellectually engaged and enthusiastic about lab research, regardless of their GPA.


Interested undergrads should send CV including a list of relevant courses taken, details of previous research experience, if they have any (not a must), and briefly describe their interests and the reasons for applying to our lab. GPA is not our main criteria for acceptance, but genuine interest in research is. Bare in mind that training takes time, so please take into consideration time left until graduation and the time that you can, and are willing to invest, in research. A convenient route for applying for research at the Shapira lab is through the Berkeley Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP). Direct emails can also work.