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LindLab Members

LindLab members March 2011, Photo: V. Lovenburg Not Pictured: Jessie Atterholt
D.R. Lindberg, Sydney, Australia, June 2005, Photo: J. Ponder

Prof David Lindberg

Dr. Lindberg's Academic Genealogy Dr. Lindberg's Academic Genealogy

Joey Pakes

Graduate Student (co-advised with Roy Caldwell)

Jenna Judge

Graduate Student

Dave A. Hurt

Graduate Student (co-advised with Jonathan Stillman)

Rosemary Romero

Graduate Student (co-advised with Wayne Sousa)

Jessie Atterholt

Graduate Student (co-advised with Marvalee Wake)

Darko Cotoras

Graduate Student (co-advised with Rosemary Gillespe)


Former Graduate Students

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