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Contact Information

Nat Hallinan
Tim Pearce  – Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Kenneth I. Warheit   – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Michael P. Russell   – Villanova University
Robyn Stuber   ­ U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Douglas Long   – Oakland Museum of California
Chris P. Meyer   – Smithsonian Institution, U.S. Museum of Natural History
Marta deMaintenon   – University of Hawaii, Hilo
Rob Guralnick   ­ University of Colorado, Boulder
Claus Hedegaard [RIP] – Université du Maine, France
W. Brian Simison   – California Academy of Sciences
Ross Nehm   – Ohio State University
Alicia Cordero   – private sector
Jim Kurpius   – private sector
Kirsten Swinstrom   – Santa Rosa Junior College
Paul Bunje   – University of California, Los Angeles
Emina Begovic   – University of California, Berkeley
Caroline A. E. Strömberg   – University of Washington
Elizabeth Perrotti   – Oregon State University
Yvonne Valles   – Universitat València, Spain
Nick Penyson   – Smithsonian Institution, U.S. Museum of Natural History

Select Undergrads

John Huelsenbeck ­– University of California, Berkeley
Ellen Strong – Smithsonian Institution, U.S. Museum of Natural History


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