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The evolution of development in extinct and extant birds
Jessie Atterholt

I study the evolution of development in birds, and how this informs our understanding of the macroevolutionary history of this group. In my research, I am examining post-natal skeletal development in modern birds with the goal of elucidating development in fossil birds of the Cretaceous. I CT scan bird carcasses to obtain three-dimensional skeletal data, which are used for a geometric-morphometric analysis (to study the relative shape and size change of various elements through ontogeny). I will also be studying the bone histology of these specimens, and doing histologic work on Enantiornithes, the most diverse clade of birds from the Cretaceous
Contact info:
Jessie Atterholt
Department of Integrative Biology
University of California, Berkeley
1005 Valley Life Sciences Bldg #3140
Berkeley CA 94720-3140
Phone: 510-643-9746
Fax: 510-643-6264
Email: ajes(at)



University of California, Berkeley    |     Department of Integrative Biology