IB115. Introduction to systems in biology and medicine.

This course is aimed at students wishing to understand and model biological systems. Topics include feedback regulation; competition; cooperation; switches and circuits; communication; randomness; decision-making; chaos and complexity. Examples are selected from many areas of medicine and integrative biology to demonstrate the general applicability of systems analysis and to highlight the common themes that link different fields. Students will learn to conceptualize and quantify interactions within biological systems and there will be a strong emphasis on building mathematical and computational models. Students are encouraged to apply the tools and concepts they have learned to their own research and/or interests. (Spring). CCN: 43111


IB246. Seminars in systems biology.

This course discusses seminal papers in the field of systems biology with particular emphasis on gene regulation and cell biology. The course covers the critical analysis of primary research data, computational modeling, and important theoretical concepts in systems biology. Topics vary from year to year. (Spring). CCN: 43621


IB24 Section 8.Randomness and Heritable Memories in Biology

So you think you are the product of your genes and your environment? Well, that’s only part of the picture. In this seminar series we will discuss how random biochemical events and the experiences of previous generations can shape an organism’s phenotype. Learn why some decisions that determine an organism’s fate are left to chance and how this impacts our strategies for preventing and treating bacterial infections. Discover how single cells can inherit memories. Find out how your grandparents’ environment may have played a role in shaping your development. (Spring). CCN: 43023