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Mailing and Courier Address:

1005 Valley Life Sciences Building

Mail Code #3140

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720-3140.



Directions to the Lab:

4095 Valley Life Sciences Building

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720-3140.

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Plasmid and strain requests

Please email LimLab at with the following details:

1. Name and email address

2. Complete mailing address

3. Name of plasmid/strain and journal article it is cited in.

In accordance with the guidelines from the University of California, Berkley we are required to obtain the following before shipping any biological materials:

(i) a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA);

(ii) authorization to ship material from the Hazardous Material Shipping Officer and the Biosafety Committee.

(iii) an export licence to ship material out of the USA.

(iv) for strains containing T7 RNA polymerase, the recipients must also agree to the conditions of the T7 RNA polymerase licence agreement.

Unfortunately, obtaining these authorizations can take months and this is not under our control - we apologize in advance for any delays.

Please note: We have sent many of our strains to Addgene, a non-profit organization that distributes strain and plasmids on our behalf. They are often able to process requests in a shorter time frame.