BBSA Program Info

BBSA students are invited to the Departments of Integrative Biology and Molecular & Cell Biology as visiting students and guaranteed admission to 12 course credits in the department. Students must pay tuition for the course credits in the Departments of Integrative Biology and Molecular & Cell Biology, with no exceptions.

Examples of possible courses offered*:

IB 113L Paleobiology: Evolution & Ecology with Lab MCB 50 The Immune System & Disease
IB 131 Human Anatomy MCB 102 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
IB 132 Physiology MCB 104 Genetics, Genomics & Cell Biology
IB 138 Comparative Endocrinology MCB 110L Molecular Biology: Macromolecular Synthesis & Cellular Function with Lab
IB C144 Animal Behavior MCB 130A Cell and Systems Biology
IB 153 Population and Community Ecology MCB 132 Biology of Human Cancer
IB C156 Conservation Biology MCB 149 The Human Genome
IB 160 Evolution MCB 150 Molecular Immunology
IB 174LF Ornithology MCB 160 Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology
IB 181L Paleobotany MCB 165 Neurobiology of Disease

*Courses may be limited by enrollment and may change by semester

After completion of studies, grade reports will be issued by UC Berkeley Extension for each of the courses for which you are registered. To request a comprehensive transcript it can be obtained by filing a request

Many students use their coursework at UC Berkeley to transfer back to their home institution to meet degree requirements, based upon the decision of the home institution. Local rules and procedures determine the amount of credits a student will get at his/her home university for course credits from UC Berkeley. Students should consult with their academic advisor in their home department to be sure the courses will transfer. UC Berkeley is a world-known and top-ranked academic institution, and generally students receive full credit in their home institution for course credits from UC Berkeley.

Tuition and fees for the Spring 2016 semester are as follows, and subject to change.
Please check the Application Form for International Concurrent Enrollment for the most updated fees.

Tuition: USD 750 per unit
USD 9,000 for 12 course units (plus 100 per course with lab)

Student Fees:
USD 1,275 (includes student activities fees, health insurance, library fees, and application fees)

Total Fees and Tuition:.
USD 10,275 for 12 course credits

Other expenses to anticipate:
SEVIS Fee (paid online to US Government): USD 200
Visa Fee (paid at the US Embassy/Consulate): USD 160